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Sri pada raja gurugalu

A Brief Note on Sri Padaraja Gurugalu

Sripadaraja Mutt Mulbagal was the residence of Sripadarajamutt Swamiji, or simply Sripadaraja, a disciple of Saint Madhwacharya, who is known as the third Avatar of Vayu (the earlier two being Anjaneya or Hanuman, and the second being Bhima, the second of the Pandava brothers).

Sri Sripadarajaru was one of the outstanding Yathis of the Madhwa Parampara. It is believed that he is the incarnation of Dhruva. His contributions to the spread of Madhwa siddhantha and to Haridasa Sahitya are considerable. He was also the Vidya guru of Sri Vyasaraja Theertharu.
Sri Sripadarajaru is considered to be the originator of Dasakuta. That is why his name stands first in the following stotra which is sung at the beginning of any traditional Harikatha discourse
“namah sripadarajaya namaste vyasa yogine namah purandararyaya vijayaryaya te namaha”
He is also referred to as ‘Dasa Pitamaha’ (Grandfather of Dasas). He spread the message of
Bhagavatha Dharma through his Devotional songs. Sri Lakshmi Narayana – Early Days
Born in Abbur, a picturesque village about 60 kms from Bangalore, to a poor couple Abbur Sri Seshagiri Achar and Smt Giriamma, the young boy Lakshmi Narayana was to become the highly revered Sri Sripadarajaru later on in his life. He had his aksharabyasa from his father.
As a boy he was used to taking care of cattle herd during the daytime to help his family. Even at that young age he had a dignified appearance and leadership qualities. He used to organise and stage Dasavathara plays, along with his friends, and invariably he will play the main character in these plays.


Narasimha Theertha

Sri Sripadarajaru has his brindavana at a place called Narasimha Theertha, about a mile from Mulabagilu, on the Bangalore and Madras national highway. There is an interesting anecdote about Narasimha Theertha which goes as follows: It is said that when he was in his old age, he
wanted to have Ganga-snana, but could not travel all the way up north. Ganga then appeared before him and said that she herself would come to Narasimha Theertha and stay there forever. From then on, a dip in Narasimha Theertha is considered to be equivalent to a dip in Ganga.

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