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Indian engagement ceremonies

Indian Engagement Ceremony

Much is known and talked about the great Indian wedding ceremonies, but not much is known about the engagement ceremonies. Many believe that the idea of celebrating an engagement comes from the west. However, this is untrue and there are many Indian traditions that celebrate this union. In different parts …

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How to plan a budget marriage

budget marriage

Getting married can be quite an expensive affair, especially in today’s social settings. It is often a matter of prestige and honour for a family; and usually weddings tend to be grand and opulent. But there are many people who prefer to have weddings on a smaller scale with their …

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How to select your honeymoon destination

honeymoon destination

Selecting the perfect honeymoon destination can seem like quite a daunting task. This is especially difficult since there are so many choices available and thus is not easy to make a decision. Here is a simple guide on how to go about selecting your honeymoon destination. Setting up a budget …

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How to select themes for your wedding

Indian Wedding Themes

Theme weddings are currently in trend now. It is not like the traditions are forgotten, but new ideas and themes are being incorporated into the wedding celebrations. Here is a simple guide on how to select themes for your wedding. Simple themes Most people go for simple themes like colours …

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How to plan a Sangeet!

Indian Wedding Sangeet ceremony

The Sangeet is a ceremony that is held a few days before the main wedding. It is a time for music, dance and fun. Here, friends and family get the opportunity to know each other better and take part in some fun as well. The essentials of planning a Sangeet …

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With your husband

husband wife

For any marriage to be successful there has to be lasting understanding between the husband and the wife. A successful marriage is built upon a solid foundation of love, trust and mutual understanding. Understanding your husband’s interests Every man loves it when his wife takes interest in his hobbies. Be …

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Have you considered wedding insurance?

Wedding Insurance Policy

Wedding insurance is something not everyone has heard of. As its name suggests it is insurance for all things related to your wedding. Sometimes uncalled disasters can happen to your wedding plans and you may incur quite a bit of a loss. In such cases a wedding insurance may come …

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Guide to making your matrimonial profile

Create Perfect Matrimonial Profile

If you are ready to get married, it is time to make a matrimonial profile. How you make this profile is important, since it is highly likely that you will meet your future life partner through your profile. So here are a few tips on how to go about making …

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Gearing up for your wedding day!

Best Hindu Bridal makeup tips

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. Every woman waits for her wedding day and wants it to be absolutely perfect. So once your wedding day is fixed, it is time to get into shape and eat healthy to look perfect. So by the time your …

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