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Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Planner

Organizing a wedding whether it is a big one or a smaller one can be a tough experience, especially if it is away from our city. Hiring a wedding planner would reduce your worries and help you enjoy the special moments. These days wedding planners take care of all requirements and have an exhaustive check-list to ensure all the logistics are in place. In this article, let us discuss the need for a wedding planner, his roles and responsibilities and the benefits associated on hiring a wedding planner.

Why do you need a Wedding Planner?

The growth of wedding planners has swelled rapidly due to the rise in disposal income coupled with time constraints due to hectic work schedules, travelling constraints etc.

What does a Wedding Planner do?

Initial Consultation

After identifying a wedding planner, the client who could be the bride, groom or their parents will decide what the client is expecting from the planner and what the client is planning to do. The client has to give the work details and the services expected of him. He also needs to give him the time duration i.e., for a full service contract or only on the day for co-ordination.

Hiring Vendors

On the day of wedding several vendors come together to create the perfect ceremony and reception. The planner shall ensure all the vendors such as caterers, florists, wedding equipments and others are present on time and begin their activities.


The wedding planner should ensure he is the point of contact to all vendors. He should not escalate any matters pertaining to the logistics of the wedding to his clients. The wedding planner should have the contact details of all the vendors along with the list of vendors who would be part of the wedding.

Ensuring everything is perfect

During the ceremony the planner should ensure the activity takes place chronologically and ensure everything is place as per the timeline. The planners should co-ordinate on behalf of their clients and the vendors to ensure there is no delay or lapses during the ceremony.

Assisting on Wedding Day

The planner should also assist the bride and groom and address their requirements on the wedding day. He should have some basic necessities pertaining to the wedding and should ensure he assist them in case they need some necessities just before the ceremony or reception.

Other duties and responsibilities

• Create a wedding budget
• Create a wedding time line
• Recommend vendors after matching couple style and budget
• Arrange accomodation for out of town wedding guests
• Purchase bridal party gifts
• Accompany couple on wedding vendor appointments

Although planning for a major event can be exciting and fun, it could take lots of time and offset your priority work. Wedding planners can understand and interpret your vision. Their job is to understand the specifications of their clients and plan their activities; most of the wedding planners have very good experience in the areas of guest relations, hospitality and can help to turn your idea into a better one that can actually work.

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