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Bridal wedding wear

Bridal and wedding wear at south Indian Hindu weddings

A wedding is matter of great pride and honor for the families of both the bride and the groom. Both the families plan for months together to make sure that everything goes well during the wedding ceremony. One of the most important aspects of the preparations is of course the bridal wear. All brides in south Indian Hindu weddings have to accumulate a huge wardrobe of sarees to be worn at various ceremonies.
What kind of silks do south Indian Hindus prefer?
The bridal wear consists of nearly seven to ten silk sarees that have to be worn at various points in a wedding. A wedding function in a south Indian Hindu household is traditionally distributed over a period of three to four days. During these days a number of rituals and rites are performed. A single inexperienced bride cannot select so many sarees at once. Usually all the elder women in the house help her out in this aspect. The wedding sarees must conform to traditional values, and also look festive and grand.
The silk sarees that are selected are usually Kanchivaram silks or Mysore silks. These two silks are favorites among the majority of south Indian Hindu families. These sarees are woven from the top quality silk, which is obtained from the best cultured silkworms in the southern region. These sarees are renown not only in India but all over the world, for their beautiful designs. These silk sarees are also extremely durable and many sarees are also passed down from generation to generation. Such is the quality of the silk. Most of the pure Kanchivaram or Mysore silk sarees are very expensive, but also quite worth it. These are hand woven by master weavers who have been in the business for generations. The designs on these sarees are all hand woven, where common designs include flowers, leaves, checks, and several other motifs.
The main wedding saree of the bride is usually selected from the different shades of red. Red is the traditional color of the main wedding saree. But many brides also wear sarees that are dyed in different shades of either orange or yellow. These colors allow the bride to stand out and look beautiful in a crowd. A typical south Indian bride looks complete with her bridal saree and several gold chains and other ornaments.
What do you wear if you are a young girl or woman at a south Indian bridal party?
Most youngsters and young women prefer to wear designer ghagras or lehengas. These include richly decorated blouses and long flowing skirts. These dresses give them a very feminine look in contrast to wearing jeans and a fancy top. Fancy salwaar suits are also commonly worn. These are comfortable and yet very fashionable. Many of the designs are borrowed from movies and follow the latest fashion trends. These many not be very traditional, but the young girls and women sure do look extremely pretty and feminine in such dresses.

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