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Happy ugadi 2016

Celebrating the Festival of Ugadi

What is Ugaadi?

Yugaadi also called Ugaadi is basically a Hindu festival signifying the time element of the Universe celebrated as a New Year Day coinciding with Chaitra Masam (the first lunar month), Shukla paksha (bright fortnight), Prathama Thithi (first lunar day) as per Chaandramaana or Lunar Calendar.

It is a festival mainly celebrated in Southern part of India and Maharashtra. In Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka it is celebrated as Ugadi while in Maharashtra it is called as Gudi Padwa. In all the three states it is celebrated as per Chandramaana.

YUGAADI – What does it indicate?

The word Ugaadi is derived from the word Yugaadi (Yuga + Aadi). Yuga means the period or era and Aadi means beginning.

Yugasya Aadi Yugaadi (Yuga + Aadi). Yuga means the period or era and Aadi means the beginning. Yugaadi means the day Yuga had commenced. It marks the beginning of an Era/Yuga that specifically refers to the period in which we are currently living.

Yugasya Aadi = Yugaadi = Samvatsaraadi

Ugaadi (Yugaadi) also refers to the beginning of a HIndu new year which is known as Samvatsaraadi.


In Tamil Nadu and Kerala it is celebrated as per Sowramaana (Solar calendar) on the day Sun enters Mesha Raasi (Aries sign) in the zodiac called as Mesha Sankranthi that generally occurs during the months of March/April every year that is referred to as Solar New Year or Souramana Ugaadi.

As per Chandramana a month is denoted by the star present on the full moon day. For example the month in which Moon is at or nearer to Chitta star that month is reckoned as Chaithra maasam the first day of which is celebrated as Ugadi festival.


Uttarayana is first among the Aayanas; Vasantha Ruthu (spring season) is first among the seasons, Mesha Raasi (Aries) is first among the zodiac signs, Chaitra Masam is first among the Lunar months, Shukla Paksha is first among the fortnights, Prathama (Paadya) is first thithi among the lunar days. The day that coincides with the confluence of all the above mentioned elements is celebrated as Ugaadi or Yugaadi.

It is an occasion that also signifies the end of an era and beginning of a new era. The day marks the onset of spring season called Vasantha Ruthu first among the six seasons in a year (Vasantha, Greeshma, Varsha, Sharad, Hemantha, and Sisira). Ugaadi marks beginning of the most auspicious season Vasantha Ruthu (Spring Season) when generally we find trees start to blossom.

The word Ugaadi is derived from the word Yugaadi (Yuga + Aadi). Yuga means the period or era and Aadi means beginning.

Yugasya Aadi = Yugaadi (beginning of Yuga).

It is also known as Ugaadi. Uga – also means the star movement; the day creation had started; the day Yuga had commenced.

What does Ugaadi mark ?

Ugaadi marks the beginning of an Era/Yuga called as Yugaadi which specifically mentions the period in which currently we are living. It also marks the beginning of new Sakha calendar and that day is celebrated as the Hindu New Year Yugaadi (Ugaadi).

Yugaadi is assumed as the day Lord Brahma had commenced the creation; it is also the day Kalpa had commenced known as Kalpaadi. To commemorate the commencement of Creation, this day is celebrated as Yugaadi.

It is also believed and said that Lord Sri Rama had killed the demon Ravanasura on the day previous to Ugaadi falling on the New Moon Day (Amaavasya) of the last lunar month Phalguna masam. To commemorate the victory of Lord Sri Rama next day is celebrated as Yugaadi festival marking the beginning of a new era.


Yugadi means time analysis. As said earlier Yugaadi is treated as the beginning of Creation by Lord Brahma and it also signifies the present period in which we are living.

Presently we are in the Era of Salivahana called Salivahana Sakha, of the first leg of Kali Yuga (4th Era of 28th Maha Yuga) in the 7th Manvanthara called Vaivasvatha Manvanthara of the Kalpa called Swetha Varaha Kalpa.

As per Vedamana it is believed that the creation had started approx 197 crore years back. As per Yuga pramana life span of Kali Yuga is 432,000 years.

Chandramaana calendar has sixty year cycle and each year Yugaadi is denoted by a specific name starting from Prabhava and ending with Akshaya. After completion of sixty years the calendar starts anew with its first name again cyclically getting repeated.


Yugaadi also denotes one of the several names of Lord Vishnu. Sloka # 33 of Sri Vishnu Sahasra Nama Sthothram describes Lord Vishnu as…

Yugaadi-krit (one who creates Yugas), Yugaavarto (one who causes the repetition of Yugas)….

Hence, it is befitting to celebrate this day with worship of the Para Brahma, the Supreme Lord, SriManNarayana who is the cause and effect of this infinite Time element.


Sri Sankara Matrimony and Sri Sankara TV wishes you all a HAPPY UGADI !!


Shri Krishnarpanamasthu

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