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Cuisine trends

Changing cuisine trends in Indian Wedding

Wedding is the most special and important day in one’s life. Everyone wants their wedding to be cherished forever. Apart from the lavish decoration and celebration, Indian weddings are known for delicious food. Wedding menu has to be planned carefully and should be balanced, by keeping the needs of the guests, the catering trends and desires of the couple.

Earlier, the wedding food was cooked by skilled cooks. But these days, people are opting for catering services and also the presentation and variety is given much importance.

Some of the menu trends which are making a wave in the Indian Wedding

  • Street Food

The Indian wedding feast begins with appetizers, which are served before the main course meal. Indians love street food like chats, even at weddings. Today, the way they are served has become more fashionable. Street food can be personalized according to one’s wish at the stalls that are put up.

street food

  • Live Stations

People from all age groups love live stations as they can choose the ingredients they want and customize it according to their taste. This style of serving food also promotes interaction among guests. At live counters, guest feel delighted to see the food being prepared in front of them.

live station

  • Personalized Mocktails

A more recent trend, mocktail bars have become an integral part of the wedding events today. The mocktail menu is usually personalized by the couple. The menu has to be kept simple and organize the drinks which will be enjoyed by the guests. The counter should also serve juice like buttermilk and fresh fruit juice with different flavors.


  • Going healthy with veggies

People are becoming more health conscious, even when it comes to weddings! Caterers are experimenting by setting up salad bars with different vegetables, which is a fancy treat for the green food lovers.


  • Dessert Station

After the primary meal is over, the guests are served with desserts. International cupcakes, chocolate pudding, almond cookies, etc have taken over the Indian wedding dessert counters; mouth watering gulab jamuns, rasgullas are no longer the highlights of an Indian wedding menu.

dessert station

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