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Chithra Nakshatra


Chithra – the form of utmost beauty!

The enclosure of the Chithra Nakshatra will start from the Virgo Zodiac or Kanya and ranges from 23.20 degrees to 6.40 degrees touching the Libra Zodiac or Tula. The enclosure is dominated by Vishwakarma that is governed by the planet Mars. The features of this planet are quite huge and this includes the gem of the Serpent as well.

The enclosure is completely comprised of Fantasies, Beauty, Creativity and Imaginations that make things around even more aesthetic, gorgeous and colourful. This field is full of artists who beautify and etch simple objects to a unique and intriguing appearance that will brush everyone’s eyes and hearts. This is a mixture of strength and knowledge of both emotions and mind that reflects the purity of heart.

The Expressions of the Chithra Nakshatra

People who are born under the Chithra Nakshatra consist of great emotions and quite sentimental. This makes them pretty vulnerable within. On the contrary, they are extremely intelligent and have the passion to learn, who as well has a very strong appearance with the kind of potential in the mind. They are quite vibrant, choosing a content living with a kind spouse and wonderful children. Comforts are always in abundance with them, nevertheless, a little trouble can be added to the plate by their foes. Indeed, their spirituality has brought them great recognition.

Features of Chithra Nakshatra

People born under this Star have a very special appearance with a lean and trim torso. Their personality is indeed very different. This enables them to pose a unique persona and that aids them to stand a chance amidst a crowd which adds a share to their little dominating appearance. They are indeed vibrant personalities. They tend to carry a unique expression when it comes to attitude and on the other hand, they are actually quite kind.

Life and Attitude of Chithra Nakshatra

People under this Star are quite sentimental and emotional. As a matter of fact, this makes them pretty sensitive within themselves and they tend to carry an unstable mind outside. They have an excellent creativity, and they posses a good vision to blend things perfectly. Apart from this, their inner self and vulnerability can make them pretty egocentric and they tend to go out of their ways to get whatever they want, nevertheless, never will be there an intention harm anybody.

People under Chithra Nakshatra love peace. They posses a very strait forward nature and speaks right to the face that tend to attract quite a lot of trouble. Though their words are quite right, many tend to misunderstand them. They are very intelligent at the same time intellectual. They appear very learned and wise that gains them immense popularity in the land. People under this Star are gifted with surprising instincts ans they guesses always nearly turned to be right. Similarly, half their dreams tend to turn a déjà-ve.

They are best known for being generous and kind. They are quite warm in their approach and they have a good attachment with the needy and poor people. They involve themselves greatly in the improvement of these people and they hardly look for self benefits. When they learn that they have ever been rude to someone they find remorse for it only after it is really late for remorse. These people are likely to have a number of foes who looks for an opportunity to bring their downfall. Nevertheless, they have the ability to defend.

The professional Front

People under this Star are indeed very hard working and has the potential and vigorously attempts to bring success in their professional front. They are likely to face a number of issues while working in their professional front. Nonetheless, all these will develop the self courage and will encourage them to work even harder to touch the height of success.

On the contrary, people under the Chithra Nakshatra seem to receive higher recognition and popularity for what is not their cup of tea and will receive praise for what they have not given the best in the professional front. Similarly, the results will be quite surprising as the appreciation. Though life tends to be quite hard till 32 years of age, the individuals would prosper between 33 years and 54 years as this the golden period of their time.

These people are certainly quite creative and therefore could be spotted in the very field. They can be involved in and can turn up as artists, mechanics, factory employers or sculptors. Arenas such as politics, textiles and engineering will suit them as well. The dark times of Chithra Nakshatra would be when they are 22, 27, 30, 36, 39, 43 and 48 years of age.

The Family Portrait

People under the Chithra Nakshatra are likely to spend their lives away from their fathers. This means, they will not have much of love and support from their father. The reason could be anything for the separation ad they are very close to the mother by nature. Fathers of the Chithra Nakshatra are quite famous socially and are likely to hold a good position in their profession. These individuals are quite to their family but they might guess the family to be more emotional and vulnerable just like them. They are quite responsible throughout their existence.
According to the planetary position, the one who is born under Chithra Nakshatra are not supposed to live in their birth pace owing to several reasons. Some of the reasons is that, their house could have sold or be destroyed or might have to exist far away from the place of birth. On the contrary, these individuals will have a very beautiful married life, sharing the understanding between the spouses. Their married life will be quite intact and will be blissful and satisfied.


People born under the Chithra Nakshatra are expected to face some health issues that would make their lifestyle pretty difficult. Some of the health issues are irritation in the Bladder or Kidney, Abdominal Tumors, Brain Fever, Worm Diseases and Appendicitis.

Matching Nakshatras of Chithra Nakshatra

Some Nakshatras that would go well with Chithra Nakshatra are Rohini, Chithra, Thiruvathirai, Uthiram,Hastham, Swathi, Anusham, Moolam, Thiruvonam, Sathayam, Uthirattadhi.

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