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How to Deal With a Second Marriage

How to Deal With a Second Marriage

More often than not, people are apprehensive on a Second Marriage due to the financial, geographical and social considerations of getting married for the second time. It is indeed trying at times, complicated and difficult situation.

However, the trauma of the first marriage, indecision and whatever reasons that made you come out of the first marriage is tough to deal with and should not be repeated henceforth.  Here are some of the analysis you need to make before you look for a remarriage.

Analyze Mistakes of your first marriage

Talk to yourself on what went wrong on your first marriage. Be honest and circumspect yourself; ask questions and make a fair analysis so that the mistakes are not repeated.

Ensure that your partner is your best match!

Talk to your partner and be honest. Compatability is a very key factor for relationship. If he/she is not comfortable there is no point in pursuing the alliance.

Talk about your family

Do not conceal anything about your family, kids and other personal matters with your life partner. Talk in depth and take his/her feedback. If there are matters which both of you are not comfortable with; ensure such issues are resolved through mutual talks. It is also imperative to maintain a good rapport with your partner’s in-laws and relatives.

Pre-marital counselling

A counsellor will help lay a strong foundation for your remarriage. Getting an expert advice will help resolve major issues of remarriage.

Leave behind negative thoughts

Past is dead. So, thinking about the past only brings misery, mental turbulence and negative thoughts, which will only strain your relationship. Leave behind negative thoughts to start a new life!

Have a sense of Gratitude

Now, that you have found a life partner, be happy for what life has given you for a second time. Accept the joy and move on. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.

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