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Dhanishta Nakshatra


Dhanishta – the kind and demanding!

This enclosure belongs to the god Asthavasu, the very pure and divine reflection of the great goddess Ganga. This arena begins from 23.20 degrees in the Capricorn Zodiac or the Makara and reaches till 6. 40 degrees in the Aquarius Zodiac or the Kumbha. The Dhanishta Nakshatra is prevailed by the planet Mars across the enclosure. This enclosure particularly marks one’s weakness in their personality and causes much trouble in their marital life.

The Expressions of Dhanishta Nakshatra

The people born under the Dhanishta Nakshatra are gifted with brilliance and intelligence. This enables them to be very successful throughout their lives and helps them to seize the highest tower om life and gains them immense respect among everyone. They are indeed very kind at heart, yet quite sensitive that will give them a lot of hard spots to endure on this earth. These people are quite vibrant though but their personality is very much gallant. They are quite particular in bestowing and are best known for the spirituality they hold. Sometimes they may not like a set of community, and sometimes they can be quite rude, indurate and stubborn. One of the best trait is that, they give importance in serving the needy people and are very protective when it comes to the people they love.

The Features of Dhanishta Nakshatra

According the Astrology, people born under the Dhanishta Nakshatra posses quite a lean torso and has a lengthy figure. As exceptions live everywhere, some might posses a stout figure. People under this Star have a very unique look and their personality indeed stands out on this earth.

Life and Attitude of Dhanishta Nakshatra

People who fall under this Dhanishta Nakshatra are famous for being very intelligent and possess a savvy personality. They tend to look for improving their knowledge and gains them from anywhere possible. They are quite learned just as their personalities say and they turn to be very wise in their lives. With the kind of knowledge they possess, they can make a big stand in any field and can be really perfect in what they do.
Thos lie under the Dhanishta Nakshatra are tend to be very generous and are extremely kind from heart. They are quite sensitive even to harm someone else in any way directly or indirectly. They are quite concerned about others as much as they are concerned about themselves. These people are quite humanists and are always willing to give. But one must not mistake them to be fragile as they are indeed courageous and valiant. People under this Nakshatra hardly disagree with anyone and they do not rebel. On the other hand they do not forget or forgive easily, nevertheless, they make their point at the precise moment. They are very much spiritual and shows an immense belief in pious statements.

The Professional Front

People under this Star are quite intelligent and possess a shrewd mind. On the other hand, they have a great knowledge that will enable them to succeed in their career and on this earth, gaining them fine respect and intelligence. Some of the professions these people may consider are Historians and Scientists, nevertheless, their intelligence is beyond one particular profession or academic study. The strength of their mind aids them in a number of ways to flourish in research field. Another best profession would be to go as a Secretary as they are quite good at keeping secrets and they are so used to it. As for Dhanishta Nakshatras’ they can choose for professions such as an Advocate or Law field as they can suit them best.

Dhanishta people are indeed very hardworking when it comes to professional front and at the same time they are indeed very earnest giving their total hard work in the any work they take and has the ability to give the perfect intelligence with the help of their intelligence. They can expect an unwavering and developing life once they have crossed 24 years of age. Dhanishta Nakshatras are quite loyal and they are not the people who easily give up, may it be in any field, yet, they ought to be cautious on who they place their faith especially in the professional front.

The Family Portrait

People born under this Star are bestowed with a wonderful Childhood that will stay in the memory forever and are every much close to their sisters and brothers. People of Dhanishta Nakshatra will hold a very important place in their family as they will succeed better than anyone among their other relations. On the other hand their relatives will bring them a bit of embarrassment and may cause trouble. With the aid of inheritance and the heirs, they might get a wonderful financial help and possessions.

The people of Dhanishta Nakshatra will not see much of benefits or privileges from the in-laws, nor will they have a good relationship with them. Yet, they will be blessed with good spouses who will come of great support. They will try to avoid any negative influences caused by their parents. With a wonderful spouse on their side, their marriage life will prompt them to a good development, especially with the support of their spouse.


People who are born under the Dhanishta Star will not have a very good health. They might have some troubles especially because of their careless attitude. They will pay attention to their health only when the degree reaches its boiling point and will take necessary actions only after serious consequences. Nevertheless, they will soon be back to the work as soon as their health improves, meaning, when they are able to move around. Some of the commonly spotted health issues can be high cough and anemia. Nonetheless, no disease can stay in their torso for a longer time.

The Matching Nakshatras of Dhanishta Nakshatra

Some of the Nakshatras that would best suit Dhanishta Nakshatra are Ashwini, Kiruthigai, Rohini, Thiruvathirai, Poosam, Makam, Uthiradham, Hastham, Swathi, Anusham, Moolam, Uthiram, Thiruvonam, Sathayam and Uthirattadhi. Wedding between Dhanishta Nakshatra and any of these Nakshatras would make a wonderful life.

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