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Differences between the Vedic astrology and Western astrology

As time passed, Vedic astrology spread to the Persians, Babylonians, Greeks and Romans. However, astrology took a backseat in Europe during the period of dark ages (period of economic and cultural deterioration). It showed signs of revival during the Renaissance. Western astrology is not popular due to fractured verdicts, lack of classical literature and less following. Vedic astrology on the other hand has a history of 5,000 years, numerous texts that give vital data written by ancient sages who specialised not only in planetary reading but also mathematics and science.

Some of the basic differences between vedic astrology and western astrology is given below:

Western Astrology

* Western astrology applies the Tropical Zodiac, based on the orientation of the Earth to the Sun

* Western astrology takes into account lesser relevant planets such as Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and nine other planets.

* In order to derive the most auspicious time for certain occasions or changes in our lives, Western astrology uses progressions and transits.

* Western astrology use a fixed zodiac.

Astrologers with years of practice, who have made renowned names for themselves, suggest the system of chart generation (sidereal method) as the most accurate method of prediction. Vedic astrology is more authentic and accurate compared to its Western counterpart.

Vedic Astrology

* Vedic astrology applies the sidereal zodiac, in this system the real position of the planets is based on the background fixed stars.

* Vedic astrology acknowledges only nine planets. The other planets are not taken into consideration as it is far away from the Earth and thus not known to cause any influence on humans.

* Vedic astrologers primarily use planetary periods, known as “dashas”, the dasha period can determine the period of fortune and misfortune and provide actual dates.

* Vedic astrology uses a moving zodiac.

Use of Mathematics in Astrology

The western world condemns Vedic astrology as unscientific and based on myth, without relying on any mathematical evidence on the planetary movements. But this argument is not true, although myths are used in Vedic astrology; it is used only as an aid to learn important astrological principles. Varahamihira and other astrologers have used mathematics to determine the planetary effects on humans, in the 1950’s French astrologers Michel and Francoise Gauquelin used sophisticated statistical studies to link the positions of the planets to human nature.

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