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Sri Sankara Matrimony winners

Draw Results of – 1111 Offer are out!!!

As part of its first year anniversary celebrations, Sri Sankara Matrimony had introduced an exclusive offer – 1111, between 12.12.2013 to 15.12.2013. The offer met with an overwhelming response, with our phone lines ringing continuously for new registrations.

The SSM ID’s of the lucky winners are mentioned below:

SSM39640, SSM3716, SSM19912, SSM47468, SSM52816, SSM43134, SSM48846, SSM5217, SSM55329, SSM54645, SSM47743, SSM55620, SSM51792, ssm47223, SSM34894, SSM3784, SSM26648, SSM53975, SSM34918, SSM49932, SSM54551, SSM54688, SSM54095, SSM54611, SSM35138, SSM50541, SSM50246, SSM55738, SSM55511, SSM55561, SSM52886, SSM43296, SM54232, SSM54547, SSM53877, SSM54645, SSM53616, SSM45720, SSM34918

Sankara Matrimony has now announced 25 lucky winners of the offer 1111 /–, the winners will be contacted through e-mail or phone by one of our executives. You can also get in touch with our executives on 080-43000999.



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