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Hastha Nakshatra

Hastha Nakshatra

Hastha – Nakshatra of rough and soft!

Hastha Nakshatra comes in the field of god Surya that commence from nearly 10 degrees to 23.20 degrees that is touching the Virgo Zodiac or Kanya. This entire enclosure is dominated by the heavenly body Moon. The numerous glitters and shimmers are thrown on this enclosure as they consist of Creativity, Sharpness, Authority and Light. All these make the Nakshatra stand tall with blaze and brilliancy.
The field that belongs to the Hastha Nakshatra holds the appearance of a closed hand. Meaning, the stands as representative of being together and signifies the strength of togetherness. It bestows an expression regarding the potential and powers of hands, bringing everyone closer or bind to the hands.

The Expression of Hastha Nakshatra

People born under this Hastha Nakshatra are blessed with great strengths and have the potential to dominate this entire world. They carry a hard composure and a very sharp mind. They are certainly very stable and their thoughts are quite firm that will eventually lead them to dominate and aids them to take charge of their environment. People born under the Star are extremely independent. They are called as vanquishers as they have abundance of wisdom and richness. On the other hand, they have a very kind heart and are quite generous in helping people which will gain them a lot of respect. These people have a flavour for music and are surprisingly spiritual. People of Hasthan Nakshatra prefer to be with their loved ones and will live a happy life with them. Nevertheless, they can be a little cruel sometimes as they possess a rough mind.

Features of Hastha Nakshatra

People born under the Hastha Nakshatra are gifted with a rough look, yet, they possess a handsome persona. They will either be stout or tall. The personalities of the Hastha Nakshatra will talk about their strength within and will reflect on their faces, making them more dominating in the appearance. These people will have either dark or neutral complexion. They are expected to have short hands and they may carry a few scars in the upper part of the right hand or in underneath the shoulder.

Life and Attitude of Hasta Nakshatra

People born under the Hastha Nakshatra are gifted with the natural appeals on this earth. They possess a very serene and polite appearance that keeps people quite closer to their side. They are blessed with appealing personality as they are quite vibrant and kind. Apart from the outer appearance, these people are really generous and they are marked for their helping tendency even without expectations from the other end. People under this Star gain a lot of respect for their personality; nevertheless, if they are subjected to criticism, then they might as well abandon their humanity and kindness.

The characteristics of Hastha Nakshatra are that, they are extremely earnest and loyal souls who will walk throughout their path with immense determination and hard working attitude. Yet, even these signs will give them a clear path ahead and their life will be quite fluctuating. Some of the short intervals and turns in their life that may occur in-between may affect their mental stability. These people will not be rich or poor for a long time. Their happiness and sorrow will not be permanent either as they fluctuate quite often. Even if the individuals exert all the efforts to maintain a balanced life, they will find it hard to balance it.

The offsprings of Hastha Nakshatra never encourage betraying as they truly believe in being honest from the heart. Nevertheless, if anyone is likely to harm them or has already caused damage, then they might betray them as they do not excuse or spare easily. This is one thing that can get them really rude and harsh. Sometimes, they might simply take things too indifferently and leave them to the almighty to take care.

The Professional Front

People born under the Hastha Nakshatra are expected to be very sincere and they possess a determined personality who tips all their attempts in their professional front and will surely remain loyal and faithful. The problem is, they are extremely independent and they do not wish to stay in an enclosure for a long time or can bear the idea of supervised. In this case, they are expected to work in a very high profile or are likely to own a business.

Gather from various directions, these people under the Hastha enclosure are gifted with abundant knowledge even though the subject is quite new to them. This assists them to succeed in their professional front, taking them to higher levels. They are indeed very intelligent and has the ability to grasp better. With the help of this, they can offer strong solutions in the profession and can eliminate and negative influences that await their path.

Those who are born under the Hastha Nakshatra are expected to be very working and has the potential to touch greater heights. According to the astrological calculation, there might be few fluctuations in their life until they touch 30 years of age. After they cross 30 and between 30 years of age to 42 years of age, they will meet a good and a very stable life. People under this Nakshatra will become really wealthy if their life span crosses 64 years of age and they are expected to touch the greatest mount during this period.

The Family Portrait

People born under the Hastha Nakshatra will have a very happy family life and their married life will be much smoother. Though there might be some trouble in between, they will definitely lead a most satisfying and blissful marriage life. The spouse will be just like as they expect and at the end of the day, a life with harmony and peace will await them.


People under this Star will not have much of health trouble. Some of the commonly spotted issues are cold, cough and asthma related problems.

Matching Nakshatras of Hastha Nakshatra

Some of the Nakshatras that would blend well with the Hastha Nakshatra are Mrigasirsham, Punarpoosam, Chithirai, Visakam, Kettai, Pooradam and Avittam.

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