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Trust amongst couples

How to build trust among prospective couples?

Trust is the foremost element whether it is personal or official. It is trust when your project manager hands over the pass word considering your credentials. It is trust when you hand over a signed open cheque to your brother or a close friend. Trust assumes more significance especially for an engaged couple. In this article let us discuss a few important elements to build trust among prospective couple.

• Truthfulness among the prospective couple is required to ensure there is happiness and to avoid issues after marriage.

• Explaining some untoward incidents that have happened in your life to your partner, these issue need to be discussed with your partner without any hesitation. This would ease the confusion and avoid confrontations after marriage.

• Discussing professional commitments and career goals. Tell your partner if you have an onsite tour coming shortly or if you wish to re-locate. Discuss if you want to take a break from your career after marriage. Discussing these issues would clear the air of confusion and help you in the process of planning your career goals.

• Talk about your family related issues, if you have an ailing mother to look after, a sister whose education has to be funded by you and other issues. Explain your role to your partner in fulfilling these responsibilities.

• Check his/her likes and dis-likes. It may be related to your dietary habits, hobbies and interests, participating in social activities etc.

• Financial decisions and accountability: This is one issue where there is a tangle between the couple after marriage. Strike a conversation on the financial part and your role in it. Clarify your roles in order to avoid clashes on it in the future.

• Meet personally: In the era of smart phones, internet etc. it is easier to communicate with your partner, without meeting personally. To build a cordial relationship and increase rapport it is good to meet personally and catch up on weekends at your or her favorite restaurant. Going for a movie together is another fantastic idea. This would increase the rapport and help you understand each other in a meaningful manner.

• Practicing forgiveness is another important factor to build trust, there are bound to be some ups and downs between you and your partner, however, forgiving him/her will only strengthen the bonding and relationship.

• Be an effective listener: Don’t tend to over-dominate whenever you converse, allow him/her to speak. Over domination often results in frustration, effective listening skills is important to build relationship and trust among couple.

• Ensure you fulfill your promises: “Trust goes both ways”, whatever has been discussed at the time of your marriage or your promises made to your partner need to be fulfilled to ensure a good relationship.

To conclude, it is important for an individual not to make promises which cannot be fulfilled, this may lead to failed relationships.

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