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How to De-stress at Work?

Are you running out of ideas at work, feel tired at the end of the day, tend to smoke too much – then you are showing signs of stressing out yourself at work place. While your job is important for your career growth and financial security, your health is also very important considering the interests of your family and self over a longer period of time. If you suffer from such work related stress dis-orders, there are some ways through which you can de-stress yourself by following the below mentioned routines.

1. Skip that extra cup of coffee

Most people find their solace in coffee and tend to over consume it, health experts say that the caffeine in two cups of coffee adds 16 beats per minute to your heart rate and makes you prone to irritation. Consuming excess coffee will also lead to anxiousness and makes you more serious, than your usual self. Hence, it is always better to avoid coffee at your work place.

2. Refresh Mentally

This is another technique to de-stress yourself at work-place. Instead of continuously looking at your workstation, laptops and the buzzing black-berries, take a break, look at the greenery around your office for some time. This will bring you a lot of relief and makes you feel relaxed mentally.

3. Walk while you work

Whenever possible discuss stressful issues at work while you are strolling, thus the conversation will be less formal and will avoid the eye-contact which will lead to more tension.

4. Multitask regularly

If you are juggling between different projects, move on to different things and not concentrate on a single project which is causing that delay. This way you will come back fresh on multiple assignments, this will also improve your concentration level and de-stress yourself.

5. Seek Solitude

Read an interesting article in the newspaper or a magazine. Go to a company library and read some magazines or books that might interest you, this way, you can de-stress yourself and make your mind calmer and energetic.

6. Stop Searching

Searching for some object in an office is a stress-multiplier, often you might lose that piece of paper, where you had jotted down that important contact number or an e-mail id. Always keep a book handy, so that, you can list down all the important information in the book. Keep all important notes or objects in a drawer so that it does not get lost or gets mis-placed.

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