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budget marriage

How to plan a budget marriage

Getting married can be quite an expensive affair, especially in today’s social settings. It is often a matter of prestige and honour for a family; and usually weddings tend to be grand and opulent. But there are many people who prefer to have weddings on a smaller scale with their guest list limited to close friends and family. Here are a few tips on how to plan a budget wedding.

The wedding hall

If you plan to have your wedding with only a small group of people then there is no need to book a huge banquet hall. A smaller hall just big enough for all your friends and family should suffice. If you have a friend or a family member with a big home, you can request them to allow you to have the ceremony in their backyard or hall. This will give the proceedings an intimate and homely feel.

For the decorations try opting for local flowers and decorators; instead of hiring people from far-flung places. Also, if your family and friends are enthusiastic and cooperative enough you can go for home- made decorations. Balloons, streamers, confetti, flower arrangements can be all arranged by your own family and friends; provided they have the time and the enthusiasm.

Wedding cake and food

While it is simply impossible for one person or a few people to cook for an entire congregation of people, you can try having a home-made wedding cake. You can ask any close family member or friend to volunteer for this. You can even bake the cake on your own!

For the caterers, it is better to go with quality than quantity. At weddings a lot of food gets wasted because of a widespread menu. Instead order a few dishes that will be cooked well and the guests will get to enjoy too. Many guests complain that they couldn’t enjoy the food properly because of too many choices. So this way you get to serve your guests a delicious meal and keep them satisfied too!


For the music, hiring a DJ is sometimes unnecessary. Instead ask one of your friends to make a collection of good party music to play at the venue. You can make your own wedding mix too. You can ask one of your family friends who is good at public speaking to host the wedding party.

Thus in this way you can cut corners in many ways and yet manage to have a wedding that you have always desired.

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