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Wedding Shower

How to plan a wedding shower

A wedding shower is a party that is thrown in honour of the bride by the bridesmaids or the friends of the bride to celebrate the upcoming nuptials. Wedding showers are a lot of fun to plan and attend. Here are a few things to keep in mind while planning a wedding shower. Wedding showers can take place anytime before the actual wedding date.
Making the guest list and the budget
For any party the first thing to take care of, is the guest list. Make sure you include all the close friends of the bride and her mother as well. Even the future mother-in-law and other in-laws can be invited. You can consult the bride too, while making the guest list. Don’t invite too many people as it is meant only for people who are close to the bride. Fix a budget for the party and ask everyone to contribute beforehand. This saves a lot of hassle later on. Once you have a fixed budget and the final guest list; the remaining arrangements are easy to take care of.
Theme, food and gifts
It is always interesting to keep a theme for the wedding shower. It can be any simple theme, like a particular colour or you can go for elaborate party themes too. Invitations can be hand-made, giving it a more personalised touch. Based on the theme you can order cakes and other snacks. You can rope in all the other bridesmaids and common friends to help you out with preparing the food. If not, you always have the option of calling in caterers. No party is complete without gifts. The bride will obviously be expecting gifts from all here guests. If there is a particular theme, then gifts according to the theme will add more fun to the proceedings. If not, most gifts are meant to help the bride settle into her life as a wife. Put some thought into your gift and your friend is surely going to love it.
Since it is a party, there has to be entertainment! Make arrangements to play some fun party games and if you can centre them around the theme, then even better! Get some good music to play too. A bridal shower is basically an occasion for everyone to get to know each other, have some good fun and share some laughter.

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