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Importance, Rituals and Phalas during Dhanurmasa

What is Dhanurmasa ?

As Sun transits through Dhanur Rashi (Sagarittus) it is called as Dhanur Maasa. Usually this maasa will be observed during Dec16, 17th to January 14, 15th. During this month, the sun transits the Dhanur Rasi until it enters the Makara Rashi during the end of this month on the Makara Sankranthi day.

Why we have to do all the pooja before sunrise during the period ?

During this period devategalu and Rushigalu will pray Srihari early in the morning before Sunrise, i.e, during Brahmee Muhurtha with special prayers. As such, we have to get up early in the morning and do snaana, ahneeka, sandhyavandana, devarapooja, vaishwadeva, agnikarya (for brahmacharis), and Madhyahnika before Sunrise. Further, it is as per the orders of Srihari that we have to wake up early in the morning to all the rituals.

What are the different phalas for pooja during dhanurmasa?

We have to finish pooja when the stars are still twinkling. It is considered as the best. Pooja that finishes after the stars have vanished, but before sunrise, is considered as Medium, whereas pooja that completed after sunrise is inferior. Puja performed in the afternoon is practically useless. We have to do the pooja and naivedya atleast 96 minutes before sunrise.

What will happen if we are not doing the pooja, etc in time during dhanurmasa?

As per Agneya Purana – One who does not do pooja of Srihari in time, i.e., before Sunrise will get Daaridrya during his next seven births as well, he will suffer from diseases and his mental strength will be very limited.

What will we get if we do the pooja in time during Dhanurmasa?

By doing one day of pooja early in the morning during Dhanurmasa, will get the pooja punya phala equal to 1000 years. Pl note – We must do it throughout the month unfailingly. (It is not restricted to a single day, we will get the punya only if we do it for the full month). He will get Dhana Dhaanya, and in all his births he will be born as Vishnu devotee only.

What we have to offer during Dhanurmasa?

We have to offer Mudgnaanna (huggi) to Srihari.
What are the main items to kept for Naivedya during Dhanurmasa?FACEBOOKMudganna (huggi), gojju (made of jiggery, tamarind), Butter.
What are the other names for Dhanurmasa?
Chaapamaasa, KodanDa maasa, shoonya maasa.

What are the prohibitions during the month?

Kshoura, mundane, Upanayana, marriage, gruhapravesha, etc
Why this month is termed as Shoonya maasa?
This full month is reserved for Srihari. We have to do the pooja of LakshmI samEta Srihari only. To enable pooja of Srihari, we have to restrict other functions and as Sun sets inDhanur it is not good for any functions like upanayana, marriage, gruhapravesha. If we do these mangala kaaryaas, we will not get upanayana phala, punya of Kanyadhana in marriage. That is why we must not do any such functions in this month. – As this month is dedicated to gods only and for it is a blank month, it is termed as “shoonya maasa”.

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