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Importance of Pithru Paksha In Hinduism

Pithru Paksha starts from 17.09.2016

In Hindu religion worshipping and respecting Mother, Father and Teacher (Guru) is considered sacrosanct and given highest significance. Mother, Father and Guru teach us the samskara, culture and existence. They are also responsible for our welfare and growth. Doing Maathru-Pithru seva (serving parents) when they are alive and performing Pithru Yagna after their death has been described as the best way to get discharged from Pithru Runa.

One may get doubt as to how to pay respects to the departed souls? Our Vedas, Upanishads have prescribed certain rituals not only to our forefathers but also Pithru Devathas and Pithru Antharyaami Lord Vishnu. Our sacred texts, such as, Garuda Purana, Vayu Purana, Matsya Purana, Agni Purana Markandeya purana have thrown light on the sacred rites to be performed to our fore fathers and and its merits and implications of not performing.

Pithru Yagna is one of the best traditions in Hindu philosophy and followed from ages. Pithru Yagna is one of the Pancha Mahayagnaas [five major sacrifices] prescribed for a devout Hindu. One ho has born as Hindu has to get discharged from three types of Runa: Deva Runa, Rushi Runa and Pithru Runa [Pithru Runa is inclusive of Mathru runa]. Every son has to dutifully perform Pithru Yagna.

It is the Vedic duty of their descendants to worship their departed souls on a daily basis when they ar alive and perform Pithru Yagna after they leave the world. These are the instance when Pithru Yagna has to be performed:

1.During Eclipse time

  1. Mahalaya Amavasya
  2. Pushkara Shraddha

4.Annual ceremony

Why perform Pithru Yagna?

It is believed that the souls will attain peace with sacred rituals performed during Pithru Paksha and the Pithrus will bestow their blessings to those perform for the welfare and prosperity of their Vamsam.

What happens if a son does not perform these duties?

It is said that if rituals are not performed, the souls will wander aimlessly in the Earth and result in Pithru Dosha which results in Marriage problems, lack of growth and prosperity, domestic problems etc.

Mahalaya Pithru Paksha starting from tomorrow 17.09.2016 is the best time to pay obeisance and salutations to their fore fathers and seek their blessings.

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