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krittika Nakshatra

krittika Nakshatra

Krittika – the Independent and Caring!

krittika Nakshatra belongs the field that is ruled by the Lord Agni, the almighty of fire, best known as the great purifier and the destroyer of infectious from the globe and from the divine souls. This enclosure that belongs Lord Agni is dominated by the almighty Surya or popularly known as the Sun. This enclosure starts from 26.40 surrounding the Aries Zodiac or Mesha, and goes on around 10 degrees touching Taurus Zodiac or Vrishabha. This enclosure is particularly bright that produces godly light. Besides this fact, they radiate a warmth and heat that is the very important portion of the entire creation. This divine enclosure, eliminates all the evil influence and built a very beautiful life for the individuals.

Likewise, when we watch the enclosure quite closely, the krittika Nakshatra has two sections. While the Aries Zodiac or the Mesha is dominated by the planet Mars or Mangal which is the brightest star and the one that emits so much brilliance, the Taurus Zodiac or Vrishabha is dominated by the almighty Shukra or simply the planet Venus, the symbol of beauty, love and fantasy. Both the Planets are quite brilliant and divine, nevertheless, when the Venus is quite loving, the Mars is plainly aggressive and loud.

The expressions of krittika Nakshatra

Those born under the krittika Nakshatra might go through hard times in life. Though they will become rich, it will not stay for long as they are lifestyle will be fluctuating. These people may travel without any real purpose at all and they might shift their working place quite often for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, these people may sound harsh and they are quite intelligent but at the same time aggressive. They are best for detective activities and there are chances for success is ample in the arena. These people are born with the Moon around and therefore they might lack in worthy relations and love. Yet, they are expected to get all the love form the spouses.

The Features of the Krithika Nakshatra

Those born under this Star have a very simple personality and they have a normal height. Those who are influenced by the Saturn may look taller in appearance. Though they have a very strong and tough appearance, they have a warm and soft eyes. They posses a thick cervix and an outstanding nose. Their appearances put together, they will have a good lead on this earth. They are very much respected for their serene appearance and peaceful attitude.

Life and Attitude of the krittika Nakshatra

Those born under the krittika Nakshatra are gifted with sharp and immense intelligence and they are indeed intellects they are independent personalities who posses a vibrant approach and so it is quite difficult for them to stick to one place for a longer period. This will prompt to keep changing their work enclosure and profiles, nevertheless, when it comes to work, they are quite earnest personalities.

People under this Star cannot be in one or any custody in the relationship. Even though people try to keep them close to them, they will break the relationships or hindrances even without stopping to pause. These people will never get carried away by any negative influences even form bagging fame and richness. These people would prefer to touch success by their own attempt and they achieve it by great ability and pride.
Those born under the krittika Nakshatra are indeed loyal and wise souls and they give out best suggestions. They are quite good at being logical, yet they greatly go short of desired stability. These individuals are very modern and primitive and they only choose the path of true sayings and believes irrespective of new or old. This helps them to pick only the true and right path.

Those under the krittika Nakshatra has the tendency to help the human kind for good. Nevertheless, they would be quite unpopular for the very act but they withhold their patience which will bring them immense respect. Sometimes, their earnest attitude might let them down. Because of such reason, they might get aggressive and frustrated. People under this Star must work hard to keep their mind balanced to keep going with reality as they tend to get carried away by fantasy.

The Professional Front

Those born under the krittika Nakshatra are extremely independent who cannot be in one confinement in their professional enclosure. They like to travel and they may travel to places that are really far in order to make a living sometimes. These people are greatly independent and would work best when the right kind of freedom is given. Nevertheless, they are quite slow in their work and this cost them troubles.

People under this Star are expected to flourish and succeed in professions such as Government Sectors, Decorations, Treasury Department, Yarn Export, Engineering, Draftsmen and Medical arena. Partnership Business might not suit them as they like to work independently. At some point of life, they would get some privileges from the family inheritance.

The Family Portrait

Those born under the krittika Nakshatra are expected to see a lot of trouble in their lives again the family will act as medicine as they will get peace of mind and pleasure to a good extend when they are with the family. Within the family, the Krithika blends well with their mother as they would support them and stand along with them through many phases of life. On the other hand, they will have immense respect for their father who they consider as great souls.

People under this Krithika Nakshatra are blessed with a happy conjugal life as they are bestowed with finer spouses. Their spouses will be loyal, devoted and will remain true in their relation, giving so much importance to the family and will take care of the household well. On the whole, there will be a very healthy relationship between the husband and wife.

Sometimes, Krithika Nakshatra might be forced to live alone owing to several factors such as work, health or relatives/family. Despite such factors, the conjugal life will be quite intact. According to the astrology, these people will have fluctuations till they reach 50 years of age. Time will act favourably between 25 to 35 years of age and to 50 to 56 years of age.

The Health

Those born under this Star will not consider what they eat and this may lead them to trouble. Some of the health issues they will face are Malaria, Accidental damage, Tuberculosis, Dental Issues, Improper Eye Sight, Brain Fever and Cerebral Meningitis.

The Matching Nakshatras of Krithika Nakshatra

The Naskshatras that would blend well with Krithika Nakshatra that falls under Mesha Rasi are Ashwini and Bharani. Those that would blend well with Rishabam-Rohini are Thiruvonam, Poosam, Makam, Pooram, Chithirai, Sawthi, Anusham, Thiruvonam and Avittam. Nakshatras that would blend well with Mesha and Rishabam are Ashwini, Kettai, Mooalm, Pooradam and Revathi.

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