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Mahendra Porutham

Mahendra Porutham in Hindu Marriage

Poruthams or compatibility of horoscopes of the bride and the groom form one of the key components of Hindu marriages. There are ten poruthams or Kootas that need to be checked for when the bride and the groom are brought together into wedlock. Given the Hindu tradition of exchanging horoscopes between the families of the bride and the groom before the wedding is finalised, and considering the authenticity with which the sages and saints have crafted the framework within which horoscopes are to be predicted and matched, it makes sense to take a good look at the Kootas or poruthams one by one, to find the compatibility between the boy and the girl in different aspects and facets of married life.

Mahendra Porutham in Hindu Marriage:
While there are as many of twenty poruthams that could be considered in checking the compatibility between the horoscopes of the boy and the girl, the most common ones are the top ten poruthams that are given a tough scrutiny on the occasion of Hindu wedding. There are three major aspects of married life that are encompassed by Mahendra Porutham:
• Longevity
• Wealth
• Progeny

Mahendra Porutham and Longevity: Longevity is one of the three key aspects of married life, where the strength of relationship between the boy and the girl in wedlock are tested. When the boy and the girl are brought together in a relationship, longevity is one of the most fundamental expectations – who would not want a married couple to have a long and complete life? And what other blessing could be better for a young couple than that of being showered with longevity? One of the predictors of this all-important factor in life is Mahendra Porutham. The parents and relatives of the bride and the groom could breathe easy at the first positive sign of a new relationship, with Mahendra Porutham being in place and paving the way for a long life.
Mahendra Porutham and Wealth: The old proverb may claim that when wealth is lost, nothing is lost. While there is some wisdom indeed in believing that the lost wealth could always be gained by commercial pursuits, newlyweds would want to commence their lives on the hope that they would head into prosperity. There are many twists and turns in life, and wealth is known to be fluid, flowing easily from one place to the other. That makes it all the more important to be able to predict how the prospects of wealthy life would be when the bride and groom are brought together in life. Mahendra Porutham is considered when assessing this relationship between a marriage and the prospects of the couple accumulating and saving on their wealth in the course of their lives.
Mahendra Porutham and Progeny: Who would not want a lovely baby to bring cheer and glee in the house? It is every couple’s dream to give birth to a baby that they would be proud of, to be perfect parents who could raise their son or daughter into personalities that the world would admire. The blessing of a baby and the prospects of the family giving rise to the next generation are considered to be among the top most priorities, not just for the couple but also for the entire family, friends, and the social circle that they are part of. The third aspect of the significance of Mahendra Porutham is that it is a predictor of the prospects of progeny. It attests for the interests, intentions, and the abilities of the parents in protecting their child and warding off evil influences. The interconnectivity of longevity, wealth and progeny is not to be missed – it takes longevity and sound financial ability to be able to raise children, protect them, and nurture them into healthy and prosperous children.

Mahendra Porutham and other aspects of horoscope matching:
There is something unique about Mahendra Porutham. At the outset, it may seem as if there would be problems associated with longevity, wealth, and progeny, if there were mismatches when it comes to Mahendra Porutham. After all, who would want to compromise on these three crucial variables in the life of a married couple, if there were to be mismatches in Mahendra Porutham? Rather, is it not the case wherein the match could be ruled out if Mahendra porutham did not exist in the match?
To be sure, Mahendra porutham is not the only variable in question when it comes to horoscope matching for weddings. While it is one of the set of ten poruthams or kootas to be considered in a prospective wedlock, it is also to be noted that the horoscopes have to be considered in their entirety to be able to conclude if there is a good match between the birth stars of the boy and the girl. If the other facets of the horoscope were found to be compatible, and if Mahendra Porutham were to be questioned, it would be fine even if Mahendra Porutham were not in place. Longevity, wealth, and progeny would not be at stake if the two horoscopes were found to be good matches.
It needs to be understood that having Mahendra Porutham in place is an added advantage when predicting the success or failure of marriage. If there were other poruthams, if the horoscopes matched well, and if the birth stars were conducive, then, having good Mahendra Porutham would be an incentive to go ahead with the marriage relationship.

Calculating Mahendra Porutham:
One simple way to predict Mahendra Porutham is to see the place where the nakshatras of the boy and the girl stand. The ideal places for the boy’s nakshatra to be places is at the 4th, 7th, 10th, 13th, 16th, 19th 22nd or the 25th slots from that of the girl. If that is the case, then, Mahendra Porutham is considered to be Uthamam. If it were any other case and if the boy’s nakshatra did not fall in place in relation to the girl’s, Mahendra porutham is not deemed to exist. However, as has been mentioned, this has to be seen in light of the entire horoscope and the matches of the other poruthams – Mahendra porutham alone may not be considered as sufficient or reason enough to predict the key aspects of married life.

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