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Online Matrimonial Sites

Online Matrimony – An Overwhelming Success

“Happy is the man who finds a true friend and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife”. Hindu Marriage is considered sacrosanct in India and celebrated with lots of pomp and celebration. The most popular forms of arranged marriage and love marriage has got another addition with internet marriage. Globalisation, job opportunities in foreign countries, nuclear families have almost put an end to the joint family system, thus, the process of searching for a bride and groom within the family is reduced drastically. Evolution of internet and I.T has replaced many practices, for example: in any Hindu home, lakshmi pooja, satyanarayana pooja was a common affair, which needed the services of a priest to perform puja, recite slokas, perform arti etc. Now, CD’s (compact discs), mp-3 players have replaced the purohits for performing  a puja, so whenever a puja is done at a home, the person  just puts on the cd player and the slokas and the procedure to perform rituals are recited which can be done easily by the people. What more, mobile apps now even show the panchangam, nakshatras, titis, aayanamasas and other details, so people residing abroad can easily get access to panchangam with a smart phone at their disposal. People who used to attend concerts to listen to lectures and spiritual literature now logo on to their i-pads or the you tube to get access to such services. Thus, technology has spearheaded a new beginning, in India, replacing age old traditions with modern, state of art practices thus reducing time and expenditure on one hand and complying with the changing times on the other.

Internet, is one such weapon which has revolutionised the change and ushering in new practices, now sitting in front of your laptop, you can buy your favourite home deco items or that favourite furniture that you always wanted to have. Taking a cue of all this, the concept of marriages has changed drastically, Indian matrimony is taking a new shape, matrimonial sites are on the rise. Through the use of sophisticated algorithms, users by paying a nominal amount can view the personal information of profiles available in the database. Online matrimony has replaced the age old tradition of scouting a bride/groom through a traditional marriage broker and scouting for information through word of mouth. The servers of such matrimonial sites cater to the requirements of not just a single community but many communities belonging to Hindu religion. These matrimonial sites charge a nominal fee for registration, once the registration charges are paid – it will become a paid membership – wherein, the members can check personal details of their matching profiles such as likes, gotram, date of birth, employment details and other details available in the profile. The members can also contact the matching profiles on the phone numbers or through e-mail in case they are interested in the profile. Thus, it saves a lot of time, protects your privacy and you can get as many details you want through phone or e-mail. However, members need to be ensure that the privacy of their profiles is being protected and not accessed by vested interests. To avail this option, they can speak to their concerned relationship managers of respective matrimonial firms and ensure their personal details, photos and contact numbers are made available to others only on request. Due to the overwhelming success of matrimonial firms in India, additional services have been introduced such as live streaming of videos from remote locations, arrangement of marriage logistics, horoscope matching services and many other attractive offers.

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