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Allepey Beach

Places to visit in Allepey

Marriage is the occasion that occurs in the lifetime of every individual. The most haunted spot where you can frequently visit and get drenched in the beauty of land is Allepey, a region located in Kerala.
Bay Island Drift Museum
Bay Island Drift Museum is a place located near Kumarakom from Kottayam where you can see the sole collection of quality driftwood. This is the most haunted spot irrespective of ages.
To the east of Allepey is the village called Karumadi, where you can find the remnant of Buddhism period, the Buddha statue made up of black granite, which is still a spotted attraction over here.
Krishnapuram Palace
Krishnapuram Palace over here is famous for its presence, which is been built during the reign of Marthanda Varma, where you can find the most familiar Mural paintings only here at Kerala.
Pandavan Rock
Pandavan Rock is the most haunted place located here, built during the reign of Pandava Period during the time of his exile. This place has the most famous Vintage prints which is the delight to the eyes that grabs the attention of any individuals.
Allepey Beach
Allepey Beach is affectionately called as Alapuzha Beach which attracts the visitors due to the unique feature it possess, i.e. Arabian Sea lagoons and several freshwater supply flows over here.
Backwaters located at Kumarakom, is familiar here due to the presence of Lagoons which gives a feel as the cluster of islands.
Houseboats located at Allepey are the one which draws the attention of Honeymooners due to the peaceful atmosphere of waterways. All that you have to do is to book it in advance in order to enjoy the amenities filled boats.
Vemband Lake

This is the one of the largest lakes in India. There are several reasons here which attract tourist to the beautiful lake, in and off season.
Ambalapuzha temple festival
Ambalapuzha temple festival is the most celebrated fete to be considered here, as it’s celebrated in the commemoration of the cat of bringing the idol of Lord Krishna every year on the Moolam day of the Mithunam month of Malayalam calendar.
To reach this destination
To reach this place, you can come through Coimbatore. Also you can get drenched in the beauty of greenish appearance of trees and the climate is the wonderful feeling that you can experience, if you visit this destination via Coimbatore. The other way you can reach this place via Kochi as it’s in a reachable distance.

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