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Rajju Porutham

Rajju Porutham in Hindu Marriage

How important is success in married life? How important is it to have a peaceful mind and prosperous life after the bride and the groom have got married? Well, it is one of the foundations of a happy relationship to find the right match when a married relationship is considered between two prospective partners. After all, when the two people begin their lives with a lot of expectations and a world of hopes, why would someone want to risk the very happiness, which is anyone’s birthright? That is the very reason and logic behind such devoted attention to the concept of horoscopes in marriage. It is not a fad or fashion to find out poruthams in marriage before finalising on the relationship between the bride and the groom; nor should it be a fashion or fad to ignore poruthams in marriage and go ahead with a relationship irrespective of what the horoscopes have to tell you.
There are some poruthams in marriage that cannot and should not be ignored. While there may be some poruthams that may not be at the very crux of married relationships, some are so important that they are at the very core of horoscope matching. Rajju porutham is one such porutham that should be looked upon with utmost seriousness. When you consider Rajju porutham between a prospective bride and the groom, or when you consider matching horoscopes in all the complications involved in the different permutations and combinations, bear it in mind that you are not simply following a tradition that has been on for ages; rather, you are discussing the very foundations of life that could make all the difference between problems, emotional surges, physical incompatibilities, and even disasters in married life on one side, and the prospects of a happy, prosperous and long married life on the other.

Rajju Porutham in Marriage:
One of the primary constructs on which marriage is built is that of a long-lasting relationship that would be filled with happiness and prosperity. There is hope, there is belief, there is joy, and there is trust to be built through commitment and concern. The mutual joy and life that a positive married relationship can bring about is something that is beyond words – it is the synergy of individual combinations that leads to success in the different aspects involved in a wedded relationship. Considering that there is so much to gain by ensuring that the match between the husband and the wife have been well thought of and carefully calculated through the matching of horoscopes, there is so much more at risk when certain aspects of horoscopes are not considered properly or are completely ignored – and this is specifically the case with Rajju Porutham in Hindu Marriage.
When the very basis of getting together as partners is the hope of a good, cheerful and long life, the seriousness associated with Rajju Porutham comes into focus, considering the way any miscalculation could lead to very serious consequences for the husband, wife, or both.

How is Rajju Porutham calculated?
The basic idea is that the 27 nakshatras or birth stars are divided into five distinct categories. There are names assigned to each of the 5 categories of nakshatras, with each name coming to represent one part of the body. The five categories in which nakshatras are classified in Rajju Porutham are:
• Paatha Rajju
• Thodai Rajju
• Uthara Rajju
• Kanda Rajju
• Sirasu Rajju
Let’s consider what the classifications are and how the different Rajjus could have an impact on the future of the couple’s married life.

The significance of Rajju Porutham:
The importance of Rajju Porutham is that there should not be a married relationship if the birth stars of boy and the girl happen to fall within the same category of classification. For instance, if the nakshatras of the boy and the girl belong to the same group of nakshatras that constitute the same Rajju, be it Paatha Rajju, Thodai Rajju, Uthara Tajju, Kanda Rajju, or Sirasa Rajju, the alliance should not go ahead under any circumstance. If you find that the boy and the girl belong to the same Rajju and even if the rest of the Poruthams turn out to be favourable to an alliance, the proposal cannot go ahead.
• Paatha Rajju: The part of the body that is represented by Paatha Rajju is foot. Paatha Rajju is a combination of six stars – Aswini, Ayilyam, Kettai, Magham, Moolam, and Revathi. If the boy and the girl belong to any of the six nakshatras and of the marriage goes ahead, the risk involved, as predicted by the ancient seers and sages, is the possibility of damages, physical or material, during travel.
• Thodai Rajju: The part of the body represented by Thodai Rajju is the lap. The nakshatras that come under this category include Bharani, Poosam, Pooram, Anusham, Pooraadam, and Uthirattathi. An alliance involving a boy and girl of any of the stars could lead to damages to properties in the course of their married life.
• Uthara Rajju: The part of the body represented by Uthara Rajju is the torso. An alliance that ignores this combination and goes ahead could end up facing problems related to their progeny – sons or daughters.
• Kanda Rajju: This rajju represents the neck region of the body. The set of nakshatras that constitute this rajju are Rohini, Thiruvathirai, Hastham, Swathi, Thiruvonam and Sathayam. The significance of this rajju lies in the possible damages to the life and wellbeing of the wife, should an alliance go ahead ignoring a mismatch that prevails in Kanda Rajju.
• Sirasu Rajju: This rajju represents the head. The group of nakshatras that come under this category are Mirugasirisa, Avittam, and Chitthirai. The risks associated with a mismatch in this classification come in the form of prospects of damages to the life and wellbeing of the husband.
From a brief analysis of the significance of rajju porutham in the Hindu marriage, it is clear that possibilities in mismatch in any of the five rajju poruthams could cause more problems and negative consequences in physical and material terms, leading possibly to even risks associated with life. Hence, it is advisable not to ignore Rajju porutham or go ahead with an alliance despite a mismatch in any of the rajjus, even if the rest of the nine poruthams are in place.

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