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Rasi Porutham

Rasi Porutham in Hindu Marriage

There are numerous phases in life that involve decisions based on ground facts and sound judgements. The very fact that judgements are based on facts that are grounded in realities means that the likelihood of the decisions taken in uncertainties being right tends to be high. That is precisely the scenario when it comes to matching of poruthams in Hindu marriage. It takes high levels of expertise and commitment to the discipline of astrology to be able to predict with certainty how life would be when two people are brought together into a marriage alliance.
The Hindu marriage system has long looked upon the field of astrology to form the very foundations of married life. And this system has proven to be the guiding light for many alliances, being finalised by experts in the field with a thorough analysis of the underlying factors that determine the prospects of success or failure of a married relationship. Rasi Porutham in Hindu Marriage is one of the key aspects to be considered when considering the alliance between the boy and the girl. The speciality of Rasi Porutham is that it deals with the moon sign – Rasi refers to the zodiac sign represented by the moon in the natal chart. The importance of Rasi Porutham in Hindu Marriage lies in the way the porutham is calculated and the consequences that could result from a possible mismatch in terms of Rasi Porutham in Hindu Marriage. Before we see what they could all be, let us see what the factors involved in Rasi Porutham are and how it is calculated in the steps leading up to Hindu Wedding.

Rasi Porutham in Hindu Marriage:
The underlying rationale that drives the concept of horoscope matching and calculating poruthams in marriages is to do away with the negative aspects and attributes associated with a married relationship. It is a matter of sharing one’s life with a stranger, on most occasions, where the girl comes along to lead a new life with a boy whom she would have never known anything about. The traditional system of Hindu belief is that such relationships are guided by the influence of planetary positions and the birth stars of the boy and the girl. Hence, it becomes extremely important on the part of the families of the boy and the girl to find the right match for their son or daughter, not just in terms of material aspects or educational qualifications and other criteria, but also in terms of ensuring the right poruthams that would lead them on to a life of health, wealth, and longevity.
Rasi Porutham ensures that the couple are spared of most of the misfortunes in life that may come their way if they were to get married with a possible mismatch in the porutham. When life is all about material wealth and peace of mind, it may not be worth the risk to put your sons and daughters in harm’s way by ignoring the significance attached with Rasi Porutham in Hindu Marriage.

How is Rasi Porutham calculated?
For the purposes of calculating Rasi Porutham, the girl’s rasi or zodiac sign is taken to be the first house. When that is fixed, further calculations are done by assessing the placements if the boy’s zodiac signs in relation to the girl’s position. The following is a set of five possibilities associated with the different positions of the male sign with respect to the female one.
• The Best Rasi Porutham: Rasi porutham is supposed to be at its best when the boy’s rasi is placed at any one of the following positions from that of the girl: 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th.
• A Good Rasi Porutham: You may be able to conclude rasi porutham between a boy and a girl to be good if the boy and the girl have the same rasi. However, there is a catch associated with this clause – the combination is said to be good only when the boy’s nakshatra precedes that of the girl, and not otherwise.
• An Average Rasi Porutham: Rasi porutham between a boy and a girl is said to be neither good nor bad, and is considered to be at an average, if the boy’s rasi is placed at one of the two positions from that of the girl: 3rd, or 4th.
• A “below-average” Rasi Porutham: You may not be able to obtain even an average rasi porutham, if the boy’s rasi is found at the 2nd or the 5th place from that of the girl. Such an alliance is treated to be less than satisfactory and it may not be advisable to proceed with the alliance.
• A Bad Rasi Porutham: There would be instances when it is best to stop proceeding with the alliance altogether, when it comes to matching between the boy and the girl in terms of rasi porutham. Such would be the scenario if the boy’s rasi is placed in either the 6th or the 8th house from the position of the female rasi.

Consequences of a Rasi Mismatch:
While we have seen the way rasi porutham is calculated, it is also important to know what the effects of a possible mismatch of rasis between the boy and the girl could be, in terms of the fortunes associated with their married life.
One of the primary aspects to be highlighted would be the lack of understanding between the husband and the wife. Communication is more than just language – it has much to do with genuine understanding and an effort taken to be in sync with the mindset of the spouse. With a rasi mismatch, the husband and the wife may not have such a mentality where they could understand and live together under one roof. There could be fights between the spouses or with other members of the family, such as in-laws. There may be failed efforts towards successfully raising offspring, or the couple may opt for having separate ways in life, quitting their stint in a wedding relationship.
Considering the negative aspects associated with a possible mismatch of rasi porutham, it is important to give due consideration to rasi porutham before finalising on an alliance.

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