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Rituals Observed In Kamma Matrimony

Origin of the word “Kamma”

The word Kamma in Telugu means the ear-ornament, such as is worn by women. According to one legend “the Rishis, being troubled by Rakshasas, sought the refuge of the Supreme Lord Vishnu for protection, Lord Maha Vishnu in turn asked them to seek protection from his consort Godess Lakshmi. Godess Lakshmi gave the Rishis a casket containing one of her ear ornaments (kamma), and enjoined them to worship it for a hundred years. After the completion of that period, a band of five hundred armed warriors sprang up from the casket, who, at the request of the Rishis, attacked and destroyed the demons (Rakshasas).

Another theory is that while being questioned by Mr. F.R. Hemingway, some people of kamma community, in the Godavari district, stated that they were originally Kshatriyas, but were long ago persecuted by a king of the family of Parikshat, because they had insulted the community using foul language. They sought refuge with the Kapus, who took them in, and they adopted the customs of their protectors.

According to another legend, a valuable ear ornament, belonging to Raja Pratapa Rudra, fell into the hands of an enemy, whom a section of the Kapus boldly attacked, and recovered the jewel. This feat earned for them and their descendants the title Kamma.

Rituals observed in Kamma Marriage

In a Kamma marriage the maternal uncle of the bride carries the bride in a basket to the mandapam. The Kammas wear sacred thread made of silver during marriages. Kammas were originally soldiers in the earlier days, but now rely on agriculture and engaging in trading activities.


Some of the religious customs followed in Kamma marriages are:


A ritual where the bride and the groom are applied oil and their shoulders are pasted with turmeric flour. It is followed by other rituals.

Vira Gudi Mokaddam

After the Nalagu the bride groom is taken to worship heroes in their traditional temple. At a given place, a temporary roof is erected (pendal) and three to five bricks are placed below it – which represent the heroes. The bricks are smeared with turmeric paste with other puja materials. Later a coconut is broken and incense sticks and camphor are burned as part of their customs.


Lot of emotional scenes (predictably) are witnessed during the Kanyadaan in a Kamma marriage. The girl’s maternal uncle carries her in a basket to the mandapam.  The bride is well adorned with a beautiful and grand wedding saree with precious jewellery. When she enters the mandapam, the bride carries betel leaves, betel nuts, coconut, sandalwood stick and a red pumpkin. During Kamma matrimony a curtain is placed – so that the bride and groom do not see each other. Once the marriage rituals come to an end, the father of the bride washes his son-in-laws’ feet with water. This particular ritual is done as it is believe that the groom is considered as a form of God.

Other rituals that take place during Kamma matrimony are Maduparkam, Mangalsutra, Kanyadaan and Saptapadi.

Of late the emergence of Kamma matrimonial portals have been beneficial to those who are residing abroad and are looking for marriage. The matrimonial portals have also reduced the dependency on marriage brokers, word of mouth referrals etc.

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