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Significance Of The Divine Name – Lord Purushottama

Who is Lord  Purushottama?

In the supreme sense Purushottama (Purusha+Uttama) is the inherent nature and attribute of Lord Vishnu with which He is referred to. It means the greatest among all the Purushas (not gender based); the Supreme Soul (highest spirit), the universal being who is omnipotent and omniscient. It is the superlative form of Purusha (Lord Vishnu).

All incarnations of Lord Vishnu are coupled with the quality of Purushottama whether it is Lord Sri Rama or Sri Krishna or Lord Srinivaasa (Venkateswara).

Chapter #15 of Bhagawadgita (Purushottama Yoga) that reveals the knowledge of the true nature of the Supreme Lord is exclusively dedicated to Purushottama.

yasmātkṣaramatītoஉhamakṣarādapi cottamaḥ |

atoஉsmi loke vede ca prathitaḥ puruṣottamaḥ ||

In sloka # 18 Lord Sri Krishna says that He is the Purushottama because, He transcend the perishable and is superior to the imperishable and eulogized in the world as well as in Vedas (sacred scripts) as the Supreme Being.

He further adds that whoever knows Him as the Supreme Personality of Godhead without any delusion knows Him well and worships Him always with total devotion.

He who has realized this PURUSHOTTAMA-STATE of consciousness becomes ‘wise,’ for he cannot thereafter make any error of judgment in life and thereby create confusions and sorrows for himself and for others around him.

Purusha Sooktha the essence of Vedas; dedicated to the Supreme Purusha (Lord Vishnu) gives an insight into the universalized concept of Purusha the single universal person. It is a short form of understanding the Supreme consciousness.

We find a reference to the term PURUSHOTTAMA in sloka # 3 and 54 of Sri Vishnu Sahasranaama Stothram. In sloka # 5 of Sri Venkatesa Stothram (Brahmanda Purana) also Lord Venkateswara is eulogized as Purushottama (Ramaanaatho Maheebharthaa Bhuudharah Purushottamah).

Sri Bheeshmaacharya glorifies Lord Vishnu as “Jagat prabhum devadevam anantham purushottamam” (sloka # 9 ) and ” Anekaroopa daityaantam namaami Purushottamam” (sloka # 21) in the prologue to Vishnu Sahasranama Stothram.

In sloka # 9 and 13 of Phala Sruthi (Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stothram), merits of worshiping such Purushottama are mentioned.

durgaaNyatit aratyaashu purushhaH purushhottamam |

stuvan naama sahasreNa nityaM bhakti samanvitaH ||

He who eulogizes the Supreme Lord (Vishnu) as Purushottama with sincere devotion will surmount even the apparently toughest miseries without fail.

na krodho na cha maatsaryaM na lobho na ashubhaa matiH |

bhavanti kRita puNyaanaaM bhaktaanaaM purushhottame || (13)

Neither anger nor jealousy, neither avarice nor unholy thoughts taint the minds of the true devotees of Purushottama, who have to their credit many a virtuous deeds.

Lord Vishnu in the name Purushottama is the Maasa Niayaamaka (Governing Lord) of Adhika maasam and hence the name Purushottama Maasa.

Purushottama is the antharyaami of Oja naamaka Ekaadasa Rudra.

Puri Kshethra the abode of Lord Jagannatha is known as Purushottama Kshethra.


Om! Sri Purushottamaaya Namaha

Sri Krushnaarpanamasthu

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