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Significance of Maargasira Maasam (30.11.2016 to 29.12.2016)

Margaseersha also called Agrahayana is the ninth month in a Hindu lunar calendar starting from Chaitra masam. The word Agrahayana means the month of equinox. In olden times the year used to begin with Margasira Masam.

This month is named after Mrigasira Nakshathra. When the Moon is at or nearer to Mrigasira constellation on the full moon day that month is denoted as Margasira Masam.

During the month Sun transiting in Scorpio sign (Vrischika raasi) will be entering into Dhanus raasi in the middle of the month when it is known as Dhanurmasam.

Margasira maasam marks the beginning of a new season called Hemantha Ruthu that generally occurs during the calendar months of November and December.

Margasira masam is a highly meritorious month for worshiping Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi and Sun God (Surya Naarayana) apart from Lord Hanuman and Lord Subramanya. Several religious events occur during the month of Margasira.

Dedicated to Lord Subramanya, sixth day of Margasira masam (sukla Shasti) is known as Skhanda Shasti or Subramanya Shasti or Champa Shasti. We find people worshiping on this day Lord Subramanya who is also known as Skhanda or Kaartikeya.

Margasira sukla Ekadasi is known as Mokshada Ekadasi the most auspicious day to worship Lord Vishnu. This day is also revered as Geeta Jayanthi, the day Lord Sri Krishna counselled Arjuna with his famous preaching known as Bhagawadgita. It is befitting to read at least one chapter of Bhagawadgita on this sacred day duly understanding its meaning.

If this day of Sukla Ekaadasi is also associated/coincide with Dhanurmasam then it known as Vaikunta Ekadasi or Mukkoti Ekadasi.

Dedicated to Lord Hanuman, sukla Trayodasi in Margasira masam is observed as Hanumad Vrata. On this day Lord Hanuman is exclusively worshiped by one and all for good health, peace and prosperity.

It is said that Lord Vedavyasa had narrated the significance of this Vratha to Dharmaraja and it was performed by Draupadi Devi.

Significant feature in this vratha is worshipping Lord Hanuman with a yellow coloured thread having 13 knots known as Thora and is worn after pooja.

Full Moon day in Margasira masam is celebrated as Dattaatreya Jayanthi, the day Lord Dattaatreya an incarnation of Lord Vishnu was born.

Maargasira Maasam

Lunar days, Sapthami, Ashtami and Navami in Bahula Paksha of Margasira Masam are referred to as Poorvedyu, Ashtaka and Anvashtaka days which are sacred days for performing Pithru tharpana under the concept of Shannavathi.

Maasaanaam Maargaseersho~ham…..

In Bhagawadgita, Vibhuthi Yoga sloka # 35, Lord Sri Krishna says that, amongst the months He is Margaseersha Masam. These words of Lord Sri Krishna testify the significance given to Margasira masam in the Hindu spiritual calendar.

Lord Vishnu in the name Kesava is the presiding Deity (Masa Niyamaka) who governs Margasira masam.

KESAVA the divine name – What does it indicate?

Kesava is one of the popular names of Lord Vishnu. It is considered as Moolaroopa of the Primordial Supreme Lord (Bhagavantha).

Kesava (Ka + Eesha + Va) is the origin for and governing Lord of Brahma + Rudra;

Kesa is a Sanskrit word meaning hair or a ray of light.

Kesava means the one who has got a long and beautiful hair, whose hair is very charming, filled with supreme fragrance.

Kesava is the one who is the tormentor of his enemies, and the one who’s very chanting removes sorrows and sufferings.

Without chanting of the word Kesava (Kesavaaya Namaha) none of the Vedic rituals begins.

Kesava is the slayer of demon Keshi and hence is referred as Keshiha.

Lord Sri Krishna is famously called as Kesava.

We find a reference to the word Kesava is sloka # 3 and 69 of Sri Vishnu Sahasranaama Stothram.

In the symbolism of Lord Vishnu, generally we come across the Lord holding Shankha in the left hand and Chakra in the right, whereas in Kesava the Aadi Chaturvimshati Roopa it has interchanging Shanka Chakra.

Aakaasaat Patitam Thoyam Yathaa Gachchati Saagaram
Sarva Deva Namaskaaram Kesavam Pratigatchchati

Sri Krushnaarpanamasthu

Hari Sarvottama – Vaayu Jeevottama
Sri Gururaajo Vijayate

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