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Hindu marriage

Significance of red at Indian weddings

If you have attended any Indian wedding, you might have noticed that the most predominant colour of the celebration was red. Right from the clothes to the decorations, every shade of red in used in most Indian Hindu weddings. The colour red symbolises many sentiments and that is why it is the theme colour of any Indian wedding. Red is the colour of love and purity. It also symbolises festivity and veracity. The colour red is part of every Indian wedding in some way or the other; no matter which religion, caste or creed you many belong to.

The red sindoor

The sindoor that a married woman wears on her forehead is also red in colour. The sindoor symbolises marriage and differentiates married women from the single women. The sindoor is worn proudly by every married Hindu woman. An Indian Hindu wedding is incomplete without the ceremony where the husband puts a mangalsutra around his bride’s neck, and applies sindoor on her forehead for the very first time. This signifies the beginning of a new life for both of them. It is often believed that sindoor signifies the life of the husband i.e. Longer and darker the shade of the red sindoor on his wife’s forehead,   longer will the husbands life be. The sindoor is mark of respect and every married woman wears it with dignity.

Red bridal wear

Red is also the colour of every bride’s attire. Whether the bride is wearing a ghagra, a lehenga or a sari, the colour red is always the first choice. It is not only traditional, but the red saris and lehengas always look gorgeous and make every bride look like a princess. The golden work on most of the bridal wear along with the different shades of red turns every bride into the most beautiful woman in attendance on the wedding day.  The traditional ‘shaadi ka joda’ is always selected in red too. This sari when worn with golden bangles, earrings, and a ghoongat completes the look of a perfect Indian bride.  Of course the finishing touches are provided when the marriage ceremony is over, and the bride finally has a red sindoor on her forehead!

The colour red is the universal colour of love, which is why red roses are always related to love and commitment. In Indian mythology, red is also said to symbolise bravery and strength. It is the perfect colour to symbolise the start of a new life together.

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