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South Indian Hindu wedding wear

South Indian Hindu wedding wear

A wedding a joyous occasion celebrating the union of two people; two families. On such occasions everyone dresses very carefully, and according to traditions. The bridal wear is what takes the most importance on these days. Every woman dreams about her wedding day, and everyone wants it to be special. For a south Indian bride, wearing the silk saree is not only a part of tradition, but is also a great honor. The mother of bride along with her aunts and other important women in the family accompany her to select the sarees to be worn for the wedding. There are many ceremonies that take place in a normal south Indian wedding. These rituals go on for nearly three to four days, and for each occasion a different saree is adorned by the bride. These sarees are selected carefully and also tend to be quite expensive.
Sarees for the bride
The Bride gets to select the best sarees, and the most expensive ones, since obviously this is one of the most important days of her life. The common colors that are selected for south Indian brides include yellow, red and orange and variations of these three colors. Different colors can also be chosen, but these three colors and their various shades are the most traditional choices. These colors enable the bride to stand out from a crowd, and give her the attention that she deserves on her wedding day. These colors when worn with a variety of gold jewelry, the bride looks just like a queen.
The most common silk sarees worn are those made from Mysore silk and Kanchipuram silk. These sarees come in a large variety of designs and colors. Usually the border is made from zari, which is essentially gold silk work. This zari on the border is what gives most Kanchipuram sarees their signature look. Along with the grand pallus, which also have intricate work on them, a Kanchipuram saree gives every bride the royal look. Many sarees also have quite a bit of body work, which include checks, geometrical and floral designs. These sarees give a very feminine outlook to any woman who wears them.
Other than the reception day, where the bride is supposed to wear only a silk saree, for other ceremonies different types of sarees or garments can be worn. This of course depends upon the family traditions and what their beliefs are.
Wedding wear for others in the bridal party
Other women in the wedding, including the guest, also usually opt to wear silk sarees. These give a very traditional feel to every south Indian wedding. However, wearing ghagras, lehengas and salwaars are not strictly prohibited. These garments are very common among the youngsters who find it difficult to wear and handle a saree, especially a silk one. Many young women try out different fabrics for sarees, which are equally festive and look gorgeous. Latest trends are followed, with designer sarees and blouses, which makes the entire wedding a melee of color and style.

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