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Sthree Dheerga Porutham

Sthree Dheerga Porutham in Hindu Marriage

Hindu marriage is a philosophy in itself – it has so much ingrained in it for the journey called life, preparing the bride and the groom for a happy wedding and a comfortable lifestyle together. Every custom and tradition involved in the Hindu wedding is a lesson for the couple, teaching them how to lead life. The ancient sages and seers have blessed progeny with some of the most clairvoyant insights into life, not just in marriages but also in the different facets of the preparations for weddings. There are ten poruthams or kootas that need to be given careful consideration before finalising the match between the bride and the groom. Sthree Dheerga Porutham is the match between the couple that would determine whether the girl’s life would be long, happy and fulfilling after wedding.

Sthree Dheerga Porutham in Hindu Marriage:
It is the general tradition that Hindus give a lot of importance for the kootas or poruthams when finding the best match for their boys and girls. It is common belief in the Hindu system that the interactions among the planets and their relative positions have a deep impact on the lives of people, based on the planetary positions at which they were born. Poruthams are based on the concept that only certain matches are allowed as per the planetary influences exerted based on the birth signs and stars of prospective couples. Sthree Dheerga Porutham is important when considering the wealth and prosperity of the couple, and also in terms of the longevity and the Sumangali Praptham of the girl.

Why is Sthree Dheerga Porutham important?
Marriage is a confluence of souls, where the bride chooses her soul mate and promises to travel with the groom for the rest of her life with complete trust and faith. The groom, on the other hand, assures the bride of all the goodness, prosperity, health, and wealth in her life. There is joint responsibility, understanding and mutual love in marriage. It is the strength of this relationship that takes them through the rough and tough of life, through the twists and turns that test their commitment to the married relationship.
While there is no doubting the commitment that the couple have towards each other, there are numerous factors in life that influence the mindset of the couple in a relationship. While they try to lead a life of health, wealth and prosperity, the ups and downs of life would invariably cause turbulences that need to be managed effectively. When things go topsy-turvy, it is mental peace that is at stake. There could be any number of disappointments that may affect the closeness that the couple have developed between themselves, which could lead to problems in married life.
The very purpose of Sthree Porutham is to rule out such possibilities by ensuring that the match between the bride and the groom is good enough to take them through the problems of life.

Sthree Dheerga Porutham, wealth, and marriage:
Wealth is of much importance when it comes to warding off problems of a financial nature. When the going is smooth, there is less room for compromise. Wealth assures the couple of a sound future that is free of financial problems. When a major chunk of life is spent in pursuit of wealth, it makes good sense to check if there is Sthree Dheerga Porutham between the boy and the girl right at the outset. The situations in life and the varied circumstances are a product of the combined influences of the two sets of planetary positions associated with the bride and the groom. Given this fact of life, it should come as no wonder that lack of Shtree Dheerga Porutham could lead to some financial consequences that could have been avoided otherwise.

Sthree Dheerga Porutham and Life Expectancy of the Girl:
If wealth leads to happiness and prevents unpleasantness in relationships, there is something even more important when it comes to Sthree Dheerga Porutham. It is often considered that Sthree Dheerga Porutham has much to do with the life expectancy of the girl. In Hindu tradition, the prospects of the bride being a Sumangali are given a lot of importance. If the married woman stays a Sumangali all through her life, it is considered a blessing. It was especially the case in the yesteryears considering the social stigma associated with a widow.
The existence of Sthree Dheerga porutham is said to influence the chances of the girl leading a long, satisfied life, and staying a Sumangali all through her life. When the life of a Sumangali, or a married woman blessed with a husband with a long life, is considered auspicious, it goes without saying that it is every girl’s aspiration to be protected and loved by an affectionate husband all through her life. Sthree Dheerga Porutham takes care of this aspect of life, along with ensuring that the couple have a happy and satisfied life with all the wealth that they need for their worldly needs and requirements.

Calculating Sthree Dheerga Porutham in marriages:
Sthree Dheerga Porutham is said to exist in the case of a married couple or in the case of a bride and groom about to be married, when their two nakshatras are separated by at least 13 nakshatras. In other words, in counting the nakshatras between the birth star of the bride and that of the groom, there should be a space of at least 13 nakshatras so that Sthree Dheerga Porutham exists. When such a space of 13 nakshatras exists between the boy and the girl, the match is considered to be Uthamam. However, in some cases, when the two nakshatras are separated by only 7 nskahstras, the match is still said to be good enough. In such cases, Sthree Dheerga porutham is said to be Maddhimam.
It is important to consider horoscopes holistically, in their entirety. It may not be advisable to consider one or a few poruthams, without considering how the horoscopes fare as a whole, and how they match together. However, Sthree Dheerga Porutham would certainly serve as a guidance to see if the stars of the boy and the girl match.

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