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Sri Sankara Matrimony is the vertical of Sri Sankara TV. Sri Sankara Matrimony has successfully organized Mega Matrimony Meet in Bengaluru, Chennai, Trichy, Mumbai, Mysuru and Ernakulam. More than 3,000 alliances have been finalized through this platform. The organizing of such an event assumes significance in the wake of modernization …

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Importance of Hindu Rituals

Importance of Hindu Rituals

In Hinduism, rituals are considered very important and performed by people to get the blessings of god. Most of the rituals are conducted at home or at temples. The most important times of day for performance of household rituals are dawn and dusk, although devout families may engage in devotion …

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Why should you wait before you tie the knot?

Hindu wedding knot

A marriage is a sacred institution that two people enter into for life and this decision should not be taken lightly. Taking time out to get to know your future husband or wife is a good idea. Getting to know each other better Spending some time together helps create a …

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How to plan a wedding shower

Wedding Shower

A wedding shower is a party that is thrown in honour of the bride by the bridesmaids or the friends of the bride to celebrate the upcoming nuptials. Wedding showers are a lot of fun to plan and attend. Here are a few things to keep in mind while planning …

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Yoni Porutham in Hindu Marriage

Hindu Marriage

Marriage in the Hindu tradition involves a series of calculations based on various considerations. It is a scientific approach based on astrological science, one that has been predicted by sages and perfected over ages. There are ten different poruthams or kootas that need to be matched during the finalisation of …

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Vedha Porutham in Hindu Marriage

Vedha Porutham

The Hindu marriage system is an ancient one, based on a host of factors that determine if a wedding proposal should go ahead or should be scrapped. Right from the time of birth to the very end of lifetime, it is the influence of birth stars and planetary positions that …

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Sthree Dheerga Porutham in Hindu Marriage

Sthree Dheerga Porutham

Hindu marriage is a philosophy in itself – it has so much ingrained in it for the journey called life, preparing the bride and the groom for a happy wedding and a comfortable lifestyle together. Every custom and tradition involved in the Hindu wedding is a lesson for the couple, …

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Rasi Porutham in Hindu Marriage

Rasi Porutham

There are numerous phases in life that involve decisions based on ground facts and sound judgements. The very fact that judgements are based on facts that are grounded in realities means that the likelihood of the decisions taken in uncertainties being right tends to be high. That is precisely the …

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Rajju Porutham in Hindu Marriage

Rajju Porutham

How important is success in married life? How important is it to have a peaceful mind and prosperous life after the bride and the groom have got married? Well, it is one of the foundations of a happy relationship to find the right match when a married relationship is considered …

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Mahendra Porutham in Hindu Marriage

Mahendra Porutham

Poruthams or compatibility of horoscopes of the bride and the groom form one of the key components of Hindu marriages. There are ten poruthams or Kootas that need to be checked for when the bride and the groom are brought together into wedlock. Given the Hindu tradition of exchanging horoscopes …

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