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Sri Karkadeswarar Temple

Temples to visit for Ashlesha Ayilyam Nakshatra

The temple that is special to visit for people who belong to Ashlesha Nakshatra is Sri Karkadeswarar Temple that is based at Thirundhuthevankudi in Tanjore or Thanjavur district, in Tamil Nadu. The Moolavar or the main deity of the temple is Karkadeswarar, the Urchavar of the temple is Somaskandar; there are two Goddess who rule here – Apoorvanayaki and Arumarundhu Nayaki.

Temple to visit for Ashlesha (Ayilyam) nakshatra – Sri Karkadeswarar Temple, Thirundhuthevankudi, Tanjore

Ayilyam is a male star that has thamasic characteristics, whose ruling God is snake. It is generally believed that people born in Ayilyam tend to be inclined towards the use of magic and other clandestine means towards attaining what they want to achieve. They have the right ability to beat competition and the means to overcome enemies in any way, as in the use of poison or other sly measures. They could manage circumstances by making use of situations and other developments or escape from problems by the use of lies at appropriate moments. Whether it is the ability to use weapons or the willingness to wield other ammunitions and armoury, people born in Ayilyam would be able to excel in it all, knowing the art of winning at any cost like the back of their hand. They are adventurous by nature, very good listeners and could execute what they take up to perfection. Being short-tempered and being moody are some of the general characteristics of the Ayilyam starrers.

The Temple:

Karkadeswarar Temple is the one that is related to Ashlesha or Ayilyam star. The legend is that one of the Gandharvas, a community that is associated with their inclination towards music, made fun of the Rishi Durvasa – who is known for his short-temperedness and his tendency to curse people whom he is not happy about – that he was walking like a crab. Naturally, in response to his mockery, Sage Durvasa cursed him that he shall be born a crab. Realising his mistake, the Gandharva asked for forgiveness and relief from the curse. Sage Durvasa advised him to pray to Lord Shiva for relief, and he was relieved of his curse at this temple. Shiva came to be known as Karkadeswarar, which refers to the crab.

Prayers at the Temple:

People who are born in Ayilyam nakshatra should visit the temple to be relieved of many complications associated with their adverse planetary positions. It is advised that people perform Abhishekam with gingely oil to the Lord and consume the oil that is used in Abhishekam to be relieved of various illnesses. Devotees could also present vastras or clothings for the Amman in the temple. When the temple was built, the original idol of the Goddess was missing, which led to the installation of a new idol, and was named Arumarundhu Nayaki – it means, the Goddess of rare medicines.

The Place:

Thirundhuthevankudi is in the district of Tanjore in Tamil Nadu. The holy tree in the place is Nangai Tree and the holy water is Navapashana theertham, which is known to relieve of illnesses.

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