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Sri Chitraradha Vallaba Perumal Temple

Temples to visit for Chithirai Nakshatra

The temple to visit for Chithirai nakshatra is Sri Chitraradha Vallaba Perumal temple that is located in Kuruvithurai near Cholavandhan, in Madurai District. The main deity of the temple is Sri Chitraradha Vallaba Perumal, who presides over with his two Goddesses, Sridevi and Bhoomidevi.

Temple to visit for Chithirai Nakshatra – Sri Chitraradha Vallaba Perumal Temple, Kuruvithurai, Cholavandhan, Madurai District

While there are many nakshatras that are represented by two or more stars, Chithirai is one of the few that are signified by a single star. The star is visible as being one of the brightest celestial objects in the night sky. The star is supposed to be the place of abode for the divine architect, Viswakarma, who is believed to be the principle architect of the entire universe – Chithirai is often regarded as the star of creation, creativity, design, and architecture.

Chithirai is a female star and is known to be fiery in nature. In the body, the forehead and the neck are associated with this nakshatra. People of this nakshatra tend to be unsentimental and they are not selfish as well. They may be in for surprises in the form of enemies, but they also have the capability to deal with them. They work towards the uplifting of the downtrodden and care about their family, siblings, and parents. However, they may be in for some health problems, and there are likely to be frictions in terms of their married lives.

The Temple:
According to the legend, when Shukra Acharya, the tutor and guide for the Asuras, brought the dead asuras back to life in their war against the devas, Guru or Jupiter’s son, Kasa, was sent on behalf of the Devas to Asuralokha to learn Sanjeevini Mantra that Shukra Acharya used to bring the Asuras back to life. While Shukra Acharya’s daughter Devayani fell in love with Kasa, the demons sensed Kasa’s intentions and killed him, mixing his ashes in water and making Shukra Acharya drink it.

Shukra Acharya was able to find this out of his wisdom when Devayani requested him to find out where Kasa was. Kasa was brought back to life by Shukra, but he had to tear open Shukra Acharya’s stomach in the process – he later saved his acharya by using the Sanjeevini Mantra that he had learnt. Now that he also came out of the acharya, he had become his son, and hence, refused to marry Devayani. When Devayani raised seven mountains and prevented Kasa from leaving, Lord Chakrathaazhwar was sent to his rescue on Chithirai day by Lord Narayana as Jupiter prayed for his safety. Since the Lord appeared in his chariot or Radha, the God is known as Chithiraradha Perumal.

Prayers at the Temple:

People born in Chithirai nakshatra would be able to escape adverse impacts of planetary positions associated with Jupiter if they prayed at this temple – this could be about rectifying aspects associated with weddings or child boon.

The Place:

The temple could be reached from buses that play to Kuruvithurai from Madurai bus station. The place is at a distance of around 20 km from Madurai.

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