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Sri Krupakupareswarar Temple

Temples to visit for Hastham Nakshatra

The temple to visit for Hastham or Astham nakshatra is Sri Krupakupareswarar Temple that is located at Gomal in the district of Nagappattinam, in Tamil Nadu. The main deity of the temple is Krupakupareswarar and the Goddess is Annapoorni. The temple has historically been known as Gopuri.

Temple to visit for Hastham (Astham) Nakshatra – Sri Krupakupareswarar Temple, Gomal, Nagappattinam

Hastham directly translates into “the hand”, or “laughter”. The star’s symbol is hand with five fingers, and the nakshatra has been associated with “fate”. The ruling deity of the star is Savitar, who has a light-minded personality and is jovial in his outlook to life. Savitar is supposed to be dexterous or highly skilled with his hands, a reason why Hastham nakshatra is represented by the symbol of the hand with five fingers.

And it is not just the way the star represents skills using the hand – people born on the nakshatra tend to be good in sporting activities, and also in the ways of dealing with others using all means as in the case of tricks, frauds, gambling and manipulation. Since Savitar is very similar to the sun, people born in the nakshatra tend to be bright and optimistic about their future. And they also have the ability to procure and secure their objects of desire by any means. Another important characteristic of Hastham starrers is that they have a good possibility of succeeding in the line of commerce and business.

The Temple:

The legend has it that Mother Parvathi, once in Her curiosity to understand the way Lord Shiva managed the world, requested Him to explain it to her. In the process, when the Goddess closed Lord Shiva’s eyes with her hand, She found out that the whole world became dark and came to an abrupt halt. Since She made the world dark, Lord Shiva directed Her to take birth and come back to Him after she found Him in the form of light or jyothi in the form of a cow. As She kept searching for the light, it was on the day of Hastham nakshatra that She found the light, which was celebrated as Gomalia Jyoti.

Prayers at the temple:

Krupakupeswarar is a God who is full of mercy to His disciples. People suffering from a variety of ailments would be able to get relief from their problems if they were to pray to Lord Krupakupeswarar, particularly on the day of Hastham Nakshatra. The God, who is known for his mercifulness, would pardon wrongdoers if they were to repent for their mistakes and were willing to surrender to the Lord. Some of the great Saints and Sages are said to be visiting Krupakupeswarar Temple on the day of Hastham nakshatra, and hence, Hastham starrers are advised to visit the temple on the day of their nakshatra.

The Place:

The temple is located at Gomal, which is at a distance of 8 km from one of the roads on the route from Kumbakonam to Mayiladuthurai. The nearest railway station is Kuttalam, and the rearest airport is Tiruchirappalli.

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