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Sri Akshayapureeswarar Temple

Temples to Visit for Poosam Pushyam Nakshatra

The auspicious temple to visit for those born in Pushya Nakshatra (Poosam Nakshatra in Tamil) is Akshayapureeswarar Temple that is located in Vilankulam, in the district of Tanjore. The Moolavar or the main deity in the temple is Akshayapureeswarar and the Goddess is Abhivruddhi Nayaki.

Temples to Visit for Poosam (Pushyam) Nakshatra – Sri Akshayapureeswarar Temple, Vilankulam, Tanjore

Poosam, or Pushya, is a combination of three stars that is known as the nurturer. The ancient sages of the religion found the combination in the form of the udder of a cow, and it is the symbol that represents the star. The star’s presiding deity is Guru, or Jupiter. People who were born on the Nakshatra tend to be generous at heart, broad-minded, joyful and generally optimistic. Further, they also tend to give a lot of importance to ethics and also turn out to be lucky in whatever they venture in. The lucky day for the starrers is Saturday, their lucky direction is South, and their lucky precious stone is Sapphire.

One of the important aspects of Poosam Nakshatra is its Brahmavarchasa Shakti, or the power to leverage and channelize the power of the universal Creator, Brahma. This signifies the divine force behind the nakshatra, and an orientation towards religious activities and performing poojas and Homas.

The Temple:

Akshayapureeswarar Temple is closely associated with Saneeshwara. Since Saturday is the favourite day for Lord Saneeshwara, people belonging to Poosam nakshatra are advised to pray at the temple on Saturday, the day of Saneeshwara. The legend has it that Saneeshwara was once injured on His leg by his own son, the Lord of death, Yama. This set him off on a pilgrimage to many Shiva temples in different places in search of recovery from his injury, which rendered him lame. It was on the day of Poosa nakshatra on a Saturday that Saneeshwara was relieved of his pains at the Akshayapureeshwara temple, leading to his complete recovery. The day was also Akshayatritheya, the day that is auspicious for buying gold and other ornaments.

Prayers at the temple:

Since the temple is the auspicious place where Lord Saneeshwara himself was relieved of his ailments, people belonging to Poosam nakshatra would stand to gain in health and in prosperity when they pray to the Lord on Saturday. Whether it is the physical stress or other ailments that people are afflicted with, or it is the financial stress and strain that people seek to be relieved from, people with Poosam nakshatra would be able to benefit on both fronts by praying at the temple on the day of their Nakshatra. Saturday is an auspicious day to pray at the temple as well.

The Place:

Vilankulam or Vilangulam is at a distance of less than 20 km from the town of Peravurani, in the district of Tanjore. You could also reach the place from the town of Pattukkottai, on the way to Rameshwaram on East Coast Road. You could travel from Karaikudi or Pattukkottai to Peravurani, before you reach Vilankulam.

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