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Sri Thatheeswarar temple

Temples to visit for Swati Nakshatra

The temple to visit for Swati Nakshatra is Sri Thatheeswarar Temple that is located in Chithukadu near Chennai. The ruling deity of the temple is Sri Thatheeswarar and the Goddess is Amman Poonguzhali. The speciality of the temple is the absence of the nose rope to tie down Nandhi, the bull and the Vaahana of Lord Shiva, since Nandni appears calm and relaxed on its own.

Temple to visit for Swati Nakshatra – Sri Thatheeswarar Temple, Chithukadu, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Swati features among the few nakshatras that are signified by a single star. Swati has been highly regarded as the star for learning, and the abode of the Goddess of learning, Saraswati. The star is symbolised by a plant that is seen swaying by the force of wind. This representation of the nakshatra signifies a lot of aspects such as being restive, restlessness, flexibility, the state of being delicate, adaptability, with an inclination towards moving around and roaming free.

Another significance of the symbol of the nakshatra is the characterisation of Vayu, the Lord of the Wind, and that of His son (Vayuputra), Hanuman, one of the greatest Bhakta’s of Lord Rama. Some of the characteristics of Hanuman include strength, agility, sincerity, morality, loyalty, and intelligence. However, the other extreme of the wind can be destructive in force, where the brutality of persistent winds can be a force to reckon with.

The Temple:
According to the legend, the Siddhas, Padukkai Jadamudi Siddha and Prana Deepika Siddha, were in deep penance in the town and consecrated a Shiva Linga in the place, under an Indian Gooseberry tree. The name of Shiva, Thatheeswarar, is derived from the Sanskrit translation of Indian gooseberry, which is Thathiri. Since the place featured Siddhas who prayed and performed penance, the town, which was once dense in vegetation, came to be called Siddhar kaadu, which means forests of the Siddhas. Later, the name became Chithukadu.

There are various carvings in the temple walls and pillars that are attributed to Siddhas, which urge devotees to pray in the temple to achieve longevity. The temple is also special for Lord Muruga or Karthikeya – on the day of Karthika, the temple is seen in a special glow, with lots of lamps lit and prayers offered to Lord Muruga, not just on behalf of Swati starrers, but

Prayers at the temple:

The temple is known to be particularly relevant to those born in Swati Nakshatra, with many benefits such as long life and the removal of obstacles associated with impending weddings. Those who have heart problems are encouraged to pray in the temple, lighting lamps with ghee and offering them to the Lord. Similarly, those who face obstacles in their marriages are advised to perform Abhishekha to Lord Shiva using gooseberry juice, to have their problems solved.

The Place:

Chithukudi is located at a distance of 8 km from Poonamalle, a place on the outskirts of Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu. There are many buses available to travel to Poonamallee from Chennai. There would be vehicles that ply devotees from Poonamallee to Chithukudi, though there may not be many regular local buses.

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