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Hindu Weddings

The best moments during a Hindu wedding

A wedding in itself is a great feeling that would have taken place in a person’s life. The very thought of being with someone and starting a new life, makes him or her feel excited. So they spread the news about them getting married to all their loved ones. They even gossip about marriage amongst their office colleagues. As we all know, marriage is a hot topic of discussion, mainly amongst women. Everyone is curious to know from the girl about her groom’s profile. All these moments from pleasant exchanges between the prospective couple, to getting introduced to each other’s family members and the lead up to the wedding, are common scene in a Hindu wedding. But then, there are also enjoyable moments on the main wedding day.


In a Tamil Iyer matrimony, a Oonjal or the swing, is an important stage where the bride and groom sit on a decorated swing. This process during the wedding highlights the importance of having a balanced mind at various stages of life. A newly wedded couple will have to keep their egos in check and continue their relationship with the help of God. During this ritual, the woman folk perform certain ceremonial activities, which are done to pray for the couple’s well being over evil spirits.


In most of the Hindu weddings, at certain stage the music and entertainment takes the precedence over the actual wedding ceremony. Before the wedding day, in the previous night, all the family members along with the bride and the groom are dancing along the tune of a wedding song. The prospective couple also gets to enjoy the entertainment from the younger members of both sides. This moment brings a festive atmosphere. For example, in Punjabi wedding, it is considered propitious as listening to wedding songs brings blessings to the prospective couple. Even in other Hindu weddings we see family members of the prospective couple sing and dance to the tune of music.

Exchange of garlands

This is the fun part in a wedding were the uncles of the prospective couple lift them up and the couple try to exchange garlands on each other. It makes for a great photo, when either one of them are unable to drop the garland on the other’s shoulder.


Traditionally, Mehendi has been a ritual in every Hindu marriage. It is where the female folks of the bride side, decorate her hand with different designs using mehendi. It is also applied on their feet. Sometimes the groom pokes a fun at his would-be wife by joking around the design or he himself trying his hand in applying mehendi on her hand. This creates a happy moment between the prospective couple and also forges a better understanding amongst them.
In the end a happy wedding is not all about the consent given by a boy and a girl to get married or the tying of thali. It also includes the actual wedding day. All the above mentioned rituals do bring in both the families together with fun, entertainment and blessings. These are best moments in the Hindu wedding.

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