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The Ritual that never Fades!

Hindu Wedding ceremony follows a number of traditions and culture strictly followed by the ancient civilization, giving so much respect to the Vedic approach of the religion itself, the Sanskrit letters and so many. Everything in the Hindu religion is followed and is functioning by the rituals and for the rituals for the wellness of the people and to the greater good, that is the almighty and for his blessings.
Many civilizations might think, number 13 is a never a good omen. Nevertheless, Hinduism has always stood as an exception when compared any practices, embracing all the views, taking in every single person into account. Many Hindu Cultures follow a number of rituals across the country, the basic ritual comprises the important 13 steps that tells the importance of the Wedding as a whole, the reason behind the wedding and much more…
The 13 important steps are,
1. Vara Satkaarah : this ritual will indicate that the groom and his family will be welcomed at the entrance of the wedding hall where the priest will be offering a few mantras while the bride’s mother offers her blessing to the groom with trefoil and rice and applies ‘thilak’ on his forehead.
2. Madhupaka Ceremony : welcoming the groom soon after the first ritual, and gives special respect and welcome to the groom’s parents. This ritual is done by the father of the bride.
3. Kanya Dan : this ritual is quite important as the father of the bride give his daughter to the family of the groom and groom in the middle of all the sacred mantras and chanting recited by the Pundit.
4. Vivah-Homa : the important fire ceremony that is lit before starting all the auspicious ceremonies that are dome amidst of a pure and spiritual atmosphere.
5. Pani-Grahan : in this ritual, the groom lifts the bride’s right hand with his left hand and says that he accepts her as his better half.
6. Pratigna-Karan : the couple comes around the fire led by the bride and vows/promises in front of the fire to be loyal, lovable and to stick with each other for ever.
7. Shila Arohan : the bride’s mother helps to get on the stone slab and talks to her about preparing herself for a prosperous and new life.
8. Laja –Homah : puffed rice is thrown into the fire as an offering by the bride as she place her palms on the groom’s palms.
9. Parikrama or Pradakshina or Mangal Fera : the couple comes around the fire seven times. This actually seals the bonding in the marriage both by Hindu Law and by the Hindu Marriage Act.
10. Saptapadi : in this ritual, a knot is tied using the bride’s dress and groom’s scarf. Then they come around the fire seven times, every turn or step stands for happiness, strength, prosperity, nourishment, harmony, progeny, long life and understanding.
11. Abhishek : sprinkling water, that reflects the pole star and sun.
12. Anna Praashan : food is offered to the fire first and then the food is offered to each other as an expression of love with harmony and affection.
13. Aashirvadah : blessings given by elders in abundance.

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