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Bharani Nakshatra

The verity of Bharani

The verity of Bharani!

Bharani Nakshatra is the face of Almighty Yama that covers the enclosure ranging from 13.20 degrees to 26.40 degrees and this enclosure is prevailed by the Planet Venus. The almighty Yama is best known for giving the justice after analysing and judging between the good and evil doers. While he rewards those with great moral values, he punished the culprit. He is not the only one who orders punishments but he indeed defends all the law pursuits as well as the pursuers. He keeps very strongly to morality which evidently makes him the most divine and gives the expression of Dharma, which the most wise and purest soul. Keeping them quite simple, Bharani Nakshatra is indeed famous for truth, of great and intense purity and for the supreme loyalty.

The Expression of Bharani Nakshatra

The characteristics of Bharani are that they are quite determined and very earnest. They are gifted with a very vibrant attitude, and they carry a very firm knowledge making them wiser and intelligent both in appearance as well as within. People who are born under this Nakshatra are subjected to take in agony and problems that are meant for others and are expected to have scars in their torso due to accidents and injuries, they might encounter heart related issues, nevertheless, they will be gifted with a long life. They are expected to have a very luxurious life, but at the same time, they can as well indulge in immoral businesses.

The Features of Bharani Nakshatra

The features of Bharani Nakshatra are gifted with a very attractive look and possess a red skin tone. They have a long neck and a broad face. These people are generally termed as ‘middle sized’ except those born during midday, as they tend to be quite tall. They will be gifted with a broad forehead, proper formation of teeth, they would have a wonderful vision and thick eyebrows. Nevertheless, they would suffer from loss of hair.

Life and Attitude of Bharani Nakshatra

The nature of Bharani Nakshatras is that they are really very pure of heart and soul. They carry a true essence within them that makes them to be very honest to this globe and makes them strait forward as well. They don’t really pause before expressing themselves in front of anyone impertinent to their approval or rejection. They walk in the direction they seem to feel right and nothing can convince them to look for another option. They might appear a little hard, nonetheless, these are people who are extremely generous and very kind.

At times, Bharani Nakshatra might appear very inflexible and can be pretty rude earning them quite a few dislikes, issues within the relations. But to take in deep notices, they have so much of potential to love and to be admired. On the other hand, they don’t even look at the option of flattering other in achieving their goals. These people are soft natures and apologise when the mistakes lies in their action and these people forgive quite easily when some seeks for true forgiveness and remorse. Yet, they are quite aggressive that could cause trouble in their lives. People under this Star indeed very intelligent and wise who always look for learning and analyse matters at its depth.

The people under this Star are blessed to live a life on earth as they do not wish to be dominated or instructed by others. They do not accept other’s suggestion or encouragement. On the other hand, they seem to go lack in obedience in their personality. They tend to dominate others by nature, and by this act, they might ignore others even without their knowledge. This nature of Bharani is one of the reasons for many problems they face and the fluctuation in the mind set.

These people would find heights in the position, but soon they might see a down a fall and will again rise to a better position. This will probably be a cycle of their life. Despite of being kind, they cannot have a strong relationship or bound relationships. They might come of great support when someone needs them, yet friends and relatives might turn a blind eye when they are in need. Their lives are the finest example of ups and downs.

The Professional Front

The career of Bharani Nakshatra will be quite fluctuated and they will be facing both negative and positive influences. By the age of 33, they witness a blooming period. On the other hand, they will show the interest to work and give their best in the professional arena especially in fields such as Creativity, Service Industry, Administration, Media, Music, Automobiles, Law, Surgeon and Sports.

Portrait of the Family

People born under this Star are very close to the family and be very passionate to their loved ones. They consider, spending time without them is truly a waste of time. They are very much affectionate and attached to their family members. People of Bharani are expected to marry when they are 27 years old. Their spouse will make a fine companion, taking care of things at home as well as outside, nevertheless, they might be a little careless when it comes in dealing with money. The emergence of 2nd and 1st quarter of the Nakshatra can bring the death of their father.


People under the Bharani Nakshatra will not have so much trouble with health and will not come across any serious health issues. Some of the commonly spotted troubles are Diabetes, Body Pain, Malaria, Dental issues and Ring Worms. It is advised for the Bharani Nakshatra to be cautious with Water Bodies and Water as they tend to have serious threats caused by it. These people love eating. Henceforth, they are advised to watch what they eat, so that they won’t land themselves into some trouble.

The Matching Nakshatras of Bharani Nakshatra

Some of the Nakshatras that would go well with Bharani are Ashwini, Punarpoosam, Ayilyam, Makam, Uthiradam, Chithirai, Swathi, Thiruvonam and Sathayam.

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