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Tips for the bride to avoid nervousness on the day of wedding

Wedding, a fairytale dream to every woman that has been ruling her wedding fantasies since childhood might actually cause a lot of excitement, restlessness and nervousness on the big day of wedding. How do you think this could be avoided? First of all it is very natural for a bride to get tensed on the day of wedding and there are no ways to completely avoid it but yes there are some simple strategies to eliminate the major fear and lessen the feeling of nervousness on the big day.
• Brides, be prepared with all your engagement, wedding, reception and Nalangu sarees stacked up in separate covers along with accessories and don’t forget to name it as to what occasion it is supposed to be worn. I have witnessed my friends getting tensed at the last moment and they hardly remember the saree, which is to be worn for a specific occasion and due to the lack of accessories at proper places they have compromised with left-out sarees that had complete accessory set but which was not the planned/actual one. So make sure that you do not fail to stack it up in separate covers with a name tag on them. When you spend months for shopping, it doesn’t matter to take out few minutes for tagging the sarees with the specific occasion listed on it and it is the major responsibility of every bride out there to avoid the last minute confusion.
• Make sure that the beautician is available with you throughout or at least you must be capable of doing the touch-ups whenever required. Usually South Indian weddings involve a lot of rituals on stage and the energy of the bride might drop down eventually and after every call for a saree change, it is always good if the bride is smart enough to handle her make up because at the end, she is the one who would be dwelling like a star on screen and there shouldn’t be a single flaw persisting on the day of wedding.
• Do not forget to keep a track and count of the Gold/Diamond/Platinum or any valuable ornaments that you would be wearing on the day of your wedding. What do you think is the reason behind this? It is very easy for a girl to have mood swings in a second. If you tend to misplace any of the ornaments at a wrong place, your mind and heart would crib the whole day longing for it rather than enjoying the wedding process. I have experienced this a couple of times in few weddings where the girl tend to lose her nose stud or ear stud and she refuses to proceed with the rituals until she finds it. Do not create tension by acting careless.
• Water cures every stress related issues and as a bride you might not feel comfortable carrying a water bottle throughout. But it is always suggested that you at-least give it to your bridesmaid or family members who are always surrounded by you so that water is accessible whenever required. Most of the surveys state that water drops down stress, nervousness and tension at a very fast pace during critical times.
• Last but not the least, take out some time to interact with your spouse throughout the wedding and it is absolutely a stress buster. It definitely gives a lot of relief and to see the bride with a whole bunch of shyness on her face is such bliss! Get ready my gorgeous folks out there!!!

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