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Vedha Porutham

Vedha Porutham in Hindu Marriage

The Hindu marriage system is an ancient one, based on a host of factors that determine if a wedding proposal should go ahead or should be scrapped. Right from the time of birth to the very end of lifetime, it is the influence of birth stars and planetary positions that exert their influences over the fortunes and misfortunes of life. Life is much more than what it seems during the span of a few years – and in this continuing story of many episodes, it would help to understand the underlying factors that influence the different aspects of life. It is in line with this tradition and belief that poruthams in marriages have come to play an integral part of the Hindu marriage system. There are a basic set of 10 poruthams that need to be considered with utmost attention and care when determining if the match between the prospective bride and the groom could go ahead, based on whether their lives would be a bed of roses or otherwise if the alliance were taken forward. And one of the important poruthams that need to be considered in Hindu matchmaking is Vedha Porutham.

Vedha Porutham in Hindu Marriage:
Horoscope matching is as much of an art as it is science. It takes trained professionals and expert astrologers to be able to spot the subtle differences hidden in the various components of a horoscope and to find out if the match is worth being considered or if it is to be discontinued and discarded. While it takes a holistic approach in horoscope matching to be able to determine the compatibility between the bride and the groom, the individual factors should also be carefully scrutinised to determine if a match exists.
One of the primary factors that need to be studied is the presence of Vedha Porutham between the horoscopes of the bride and the groom. The birth star or the nakshatra on which the bride or the groom is born forms the very basis of the person’s character, behaviour, attitude and personality. It is this foundation that comes into play when it comes to the interplay of factors related to relationships among people. When you find that someone is able to get along well with another person, or when there is a “wavelength match” between two people, you could find such a flourishing relationship between them for no rhyme or reason. The lack of “rhyme or reason” may seem surprising at the outset, but the fact could very well have to do with the way the stars of the two people are poised. This is the very basis of Vedha Porutham.

What is Vedha Porutham?
The key aspect of Vedha Porutham is quite straightforward – of the 27 nakshatras, certain nakshatras naturally do not agree with some others. These nakshatras are opposed to the ones specified and can never be in agreement with them. This means that it would be futile to expect there to be any porutham between the nakshatras. Here is the list of such nakshatras that are not in agreement with the others.




This apart, there are three nakshatras that are mutually opposed to one another and could never be considered to be a good match; they are Mrigaseersha, Chithirai and Dhanishta.

The significance of Vedha Porutham in Hindu Marriage:
From the list, it is obvious that certain nakshatras are naturally opposed to one another and they could be ruled out in matchmaking right at the outset. If marriage is done between nakshatras that are naturally opposed to each other, the end result would not be very pleasant in terms of the satisfaction of married life. There would not be agreement between the husband and wife in many aspects, there would be differences of opinion between the two, there would be constant arguments and squabbles, and there would be less scope for any kind of physical compatibility as well. How could such an arrangement lead to satisfaction of the wedded couple in any way or form?
On the contrary, when such mismatch of horoscopes is ruled out right at the beginning, when the mutually disagreeing nakshatras are never brought together, and if Vedha Porutham is ensured in bringing the bride and the groom together, there would be mutual agreement on most issues, and even if there are disagreements, they would not worsen into arguments and fights, leading to unpleasant experiences. Ensuring that vedha porutham is in place means that there is increased likelihood of the married couple leading a happy and satisfied married life, they would be more in agreement and in sync with each other mentally, there would be physical compatibility between the two, and the journey of life together would be a happy and prosperous one.
What is the significance of prosperity in this equation of vedha porutham? The idea is that when there is mental match and physical compatibility between the bride and the groom, there would be focussed attention on prospering in life. The relationship would have more sweet memories than bad patches that deserve to be forgotten, and the couple would earn a name for themselves in terms of their togetherness. Their social lives would be better, since there is basic synchronisation of perspectives towards the society, friends, and social issues. When there is lesser struggle in being together and when there are fewer fights and disagreements, the positive energy could be focussed on constructive activities and the couple would be able to spot opportunities in life. The husband or the wife would be supportive of each other in fulfilling their career goals, personal ambitions and desires. When the couple complement each other in their activities and interests, the end result would be a happy married life with little to worry about.
Vedha porutham is one of the most important factors in matchmaking and in finalising the compatibility of horoscopes – hence, due importance has to be given to this combination of nakshatras.

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