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Ways to make your friends not miss your wedding

It is good to count your blessings during your wedding because it is disappointing to see a best friend or family member, missing out that day. The more the merrier. But still there are some of them who will not able to make it that day. There are several reasons for your loved ones being absent for the big occasion. Some of the reason could be the following: work related, health issues, travel expenses, not getting visa for your friends in abroad or political unrest in that region. Sometimes it is inevitable for a friend or relative to not make it for the wedding because of the circumstances. Fortunately, with the improvement in technology, no one will miss the wedding moment, even if they are not physically present that day. It can be done by recording the wedding ceremony live and share it in four different ways to your closest ones.

1.)    MMS – Multimedia Messaging Service is useful for those that are in different parts of the world and the timings vary. Anyone present in the wedding ceremony can record the bridegroom tying the knot and send it as an MMS to the groom or bride’s friend living in abroad.

2.)    Live video streaming – This is an easy way for your friend living in abroad to not miss any live action. Family or friends can use a special url link send by you to access the live streaming of the wedding ceremony. It does not matter which time zone they might be or whether they are in their office. This link will give them access to every live recording of the wedding starting from nichyadartham to tying the knot. It is almost like being present physically at the wedding. 

3.)    Sharing it on YouTube – This option can be used in case your well wisher is unavailable during the live streaming of the wedding. It could be due to travelling or he/she is in the meeting. You can upload an important clip of the wedding on YouTube and share the link with your closest friends and relatives. 

4.)    Post a recorded video – There are certain situations where one cannot predict his/her schedules and henceforth might have to forcibly miss out on seeing the live video of their friend’s wedding. It may be because of the network issue, poor audio and video quality or busy travelling on an overseas assignment during their friends wedding. Then the alternate option is to record the wedding video in a CD and ship it to your friends and relatives who were unable to attend the wedding. This is the last option that you want a friend to view the wedding ceremony. It does not give the same thrill or satisfaction to your friend, of seeing a recorded video as it gives in watching the ceremony live. 

With these options available, you don’t have to be disappointed in your friends or relatives unable to attend the wedding. Those days are gone where your loved ones, residing in abroad, had to make it some way or the other to the wedding. Now they can attend to some unavoidable assignments and at the same time watch your wedding virtually, thanks to latest technologies.

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