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Hindu wedding

Wedding – from yesterday to today, something that booms all the way!

From a man’s birth to the day he dies, he is bound by ancient morals and values that are strongly prevailing the in the grounds of Indian Culture. And a ceremony as important as marriage surely has its tradition and morals etched so firmly in routes of Indian Tradition and Culture. It is always said that man and woman make the life and the wheels of a chariot called family and life. What one must strongly understand that, no man is superior to his woman, or any woman superior to her man but they are indeed complementary to one another, and when they enter the heavens called marriage, they are two people but one couple with two souls and a heart. The ancient values followed by our ancestors are so firm, rigid and the most valuable that they are even cherished today and people strive to keep the values ablaze.
As per the mythology followed by Hinduism, every human is born to carry three obligations and they are widely known as Rishi Runam, Deva Runam, and Pithrunam.
• In the Rishi Runam, one has to know Vedas and must attain the best of knowledge. In order to clear this debt, it is important for him to share his knowledge with the coming generation, and the knowledge he has certainly acquired from his gurus.
• While talking about Deva Runam, we ought to clear the debts we owe for the Panchabhuthas, that is the Sun, the god of light, Agni, the god of fire, Vayu, the god of wind, Varun, the god of water, Bhoomi, the god of earth. One can clear the debt only by performing the Yajnas.
• And only in Pithrunam one can truly understand the need for a marriage. We owe our parents a lot for giving us the opportunity called life, by giving us birth. To clear the debt, it is indeed our responsibility to keep their Vamsa alive and for the purpose, one must marry to continue with the generation, to clear the debts we have for our parents.
By the influence of introductions of new cultures, fashions and the idea of living in relationships the real reason for marriage seem to be fading indeed. One of the main reasons behind this how people get influenced by watching the big screen and apparently, film celebrities seem to be the real icons of today’s era, and what they do in the screen are turning to be morals which is certainly not healthy to a society like ours that are so good at culture and tradition. How much ever fashion makes its way in the society, traditional marriage always has its pronouncement, powers, reasons and a bond that can never be explained.
No matter how much the law has changed, adapting itself to the growing trend (both in culture and appearance) has become very important in court, law, and order. Nevertheless, a marriage that is pronounced by the bandit chanting the Vedic mantras in front of the Agni, Fire of God, making silent vows by the Bride and Groom, is indeed worth a million of tight knots.

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