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Wedding wear

Wedding wear for a south Indian Hindu wedding

A wedding is an occasion for joyous celebration anywhere in the world. It is the celebration of the coming together of two people and their families. The dresses that are worn to a wedding are chosen with utmost care, especially in case of the bride. For a bride, her wedding attire is always the foremost thing that remains on her mind. Her sarees are always the best of the entire lot of women that take part in the wedding. The bride’s mother along with other women in the family, with some women from the groom’s side, accompanies her to buy her wedding sarees.
What does a south Indian Hindu bride wear?
Selection of sarees for a south Indian Hindu bride must be done carefully, keeping in mind the traditions of the family. These sarees are usually very heavy with lots of work on them, and are also very expensive. These bridal sarees are always made of silk, mostly Mysore silk or Kanchivaram silk. These sarees are known for their quality of silk and the designs. These sarees are woven by master craftsmen and women, who have been employed in this line of work for generations together. In south India, there is no other silk material that can match the quality and the work of the Mysore silk sarees and the Kanchivaram silk sarees. Every south Indian bride dreams to be draped in these exquisite works of art.
The sarees selected are usually in different shades of red, orange or yellow. These colors are bright, but look gorgeous on any bride that is about to get married. These sarees usually have a golden border, which is also called the zari. The zari in Kanchivaram silks is what forms its trademark look. The pallus for these sarees are also very extensive and beautiful. Most common patterns include flowers and geometrical patterns. Some patterns also include checks and other motifs. These give the saree a very regal look. When adorned with such a grand saree along with a large number of gold jewels, the girl finally looks like a typical south Indian bride.
What do young women and girls wear?
Girls are south Indian weddings usually wear the half-blouse with a long flowing skirt. These garments are also usually made of silk. This attire topped with white jasmine flowers, gives these young girls the typical south Indian look.
Young women on the other hand, may not usually opt for the traditional silk sarees. In many south Indian weddings, the trends are changing and people are slowing adopting styles from the north and also from movies. Many women prefer to wear stylish sarees that are in current fashion and experiment with different fabrics and designs. These sarees are worn with designer blouses and draped in many different and inventive ways. Some other fabrics that women at these weddings wear include cotton, crepe, mixed silk, soft silk, and so on. Whatever might be the material, the saree remains the top choice for women to wear at weddings.

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