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Manglik Dosha

What is Manglik Dosha and what are the remedies of this Dosha?

Have you lost all your hope in finding your life partner? Aren’t you able to find out an appropriate spouse or love or life partner or even a date? Are you married but have parted ways very early? Do you and your spouse stay very far and hardly meet each other. Are you finding it hard to relate life in general? Does your body always feel hot? Do you face a tough time in getting along with your relatives? Are you a woman suffering from severe menstrual problems? Do you have frequent fights with your partner all the time? Do you feel a weird energy surrounding you all the time? You might face the aforementioned problems if your birth chart carries Mars Dosha/Manglik Dosha (Sevaai Dosham). Manglik Dosha not just relates to effects after marriage, but it could influence your marriage as well.
Wedding is a most important phase in everyone’s life. This phase of life must be handled very carefully if your Kundli (Jaadhakam) carries Mars Dosha/Manglik Dosha. How do you know if you are affected with Manglik Dosha or Kuja Dosha? When Mars is placed in 1, 2, 4, 7, 8 or 12th house in your horoscope then you are affected with Manglik Dosha as per your birth chart. The strength of this Dosha is severe if the Mars lies in 7th or 8th house while other houses carry a low severity. In your birth chart, if Mars lie in any of the aforementioned houses then you must have been through any of the above mentioned obstacles/relationship issues.
If you are affected with Manglik Dosha, please remember that it doesn’t mark an end to your life’s journey. There are pariharams for the same and your wedding will never be paused due to this Dosha. Millions of people have been through this state but have successfully lived a life in harmony with their partners. Simple ways to avoid the negative effects of this Dosha,
• Observing Pradoshams – Twice a month specifically on 13th Moons.
• Performing Homas, i.e fire rituals to eliminate Karma carried over from previous birth.
• Taking advantage of any Karma Busting remedies.
• Wearing Relationship sustaining gems (usually advised to wear a combination of pearl for moon and red coral for Mars) which strongly portrays the combination of feminine and masculine energies to keep a relationship in harmony.
It is proved that you can avoid the negative effects of Manglik Dosha by taking the above into consideration. Also a very powerful Mantra for Mars ‘Om Angarakaya Namaha’ and ‘Om Mangalaya Namaha’ has proved positive for treating this condition.
Ancient tradition says that when your birth chart carries Manglik Dosha you are supposed to marry a tree and then the person so that the person’s life is not affected. We all know that famous actress Aishwarya Rai also carry this Dosha in her birth chart but don’t you think she is leading a great life? It is very common in a person’s chart and you are not solely responsible for this condition.
It is ultimately due to the Karma carried over from your previous birth and Mars affliction usually occurs if you have ever humiliated Mother Earth, disrespected parents, humiliated siblings or mishandled property related issues. Try to avoid these in your current birth and take advantage of the above stated remedies for leading a life with harmony.

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