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What to consider while booking your wedding venue

Selecting the perfect venue for your wedding can be quite a task. But if approached in the right manner, considering key issues, then zeroing down on the perfect location should be quite easy.

Discuss with your fiancé

The most important part is to involve your fiancé while making all the decisions. It is important that both your opinions are considered before finalising a location. Firstly, you need to set aside a budget only for the venue. Once that is done, it gets considerably easier to narrow down on the choices.  Next, you need to decide whether you want the wedding in an open space or a closed hall. If you are planning to have the wedding in an open space, like a lawn or a garden; then additional costs of tents and shamianas will have to be taken into consideration. Also, you need to factor in the weather conditions predicted for your wedding day.

Next make a list of people who are expected to come for your wedding. A rough estimate will help you find a hall or any other venue with the adequate capacity. No one likes to spend 2-3 hours in a stuffy hall.

Other key points to enquire about

Before you finalise on your venue make sure you ask a few important questions. You need to find all the hidden costs so that you don’t have to deal with nasty surprises when they present you with the bill later on. Do enquire if extra costs have to be incurred for the table settings, setting up chairs, the cleaning up, setting up music, catering, etc.

Also if you intend to have the wedding in a convention hall, check the time allotted to you and if there is any other wedding that is going to take place on the same day or simultaneously. You certainly will not like to be disturbed in the middle of the proceedings due to some issue raised by the timings or noise from another function.

In addition ask about the arrangements of the bridal suite. Many Indian functions require the bride to change into different attires during the wedding ceremony, and you must ensure that the facilities are adequate and as per your requirements.

Your wedding will come once a lifetime, and it is obvious that you would want it to go without a hitch. Make sure you take care of these few issues and you will have a wedding that will be unforgettable.

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