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south Indian Hindu wedding

What women wear at south Indian Weddings

A wedding is the celebration of not only the union of a man and a woman, but also the union of two families. A wedding is celebrated with much gusto and pride. What each person wears to a wedding is important as it is a matter of pride as well as tradition. It is the brides clothing, however, that everyone focuses on the most. Every bride wants to look and feel her best at her wedding day, and for this reason, her bridal wear is always selected with lots of care and attention.
South Indian Hindu bridal wear
It is no secret that most south Indian Hindu brides wear silk sarees to their weddings. However, it is not the only time that they are draped in a silk saree. Every south Indian wedding goes on for nearly four days at a stretch, which include a number of rituals and rites. To each of these, the bride is expected to wear a different silk saree. The elder women of the family usually help her out in this aspect. They accompany her for her bridal wear shopping and assist in the selection of silk sarees. These sarees are bought in accordance to grandeur, style as well as tradition.
Traditional colors for the bridal saree include different shades of red. However, in many customs, sarees in different shades of orange or yellow are also required. These sarees are made of the best silk material that is available in the south. Most of the south Indian families prefer buying their bridal sarees that are either Kanjivaram silk sarees or Mysore silk sarees. These sarees are woven from the best silk, from cultured silk worms in the region. Master weavers work for nearly 7 days to produce a single silk saree. This is why most of these sarees are very expensive. These are not only of the highest quality; they are also very durable and last for a very long time. The designs printed on these sarees are also quite exquisite and mostly done in gold. The golden silk work on the border of these sarees is called the zari and is the trademark of such silk sarees. The pallu is also worked upon extensively, giving it a very grand look. Common designs include various floral patterns and geometrical designs.
Wedding wear for young women and girls
While for the bride it is acceptable to wear heavy sarees and jewelry, guests and other young girls might find it difficult and uncomfortable to wear such heavy garments. A silk saree is what most women attending weddings opt for, though they aren’t that grand or heavy in comparison with that of the bride. Some women also wear sarees made from other materials, other than silk. Many women wear fashionable salwaar kameezes, ghagras and lehengas. These are influences from the north, but look quite beautiful on young women, as well as girls. These are just as elegant as sarees and are perfect to be worn at any wedding function.

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