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Why should you wait before you tie the knot?

A marriage is a sacred institution that two people enter into for life and this decision should not be taken lightly. Taking time out to get to know your future husband or wife is a good idea.

Getting to know each other better

Spending some time together helps create a sense of togetherness and you can feel comfortable in each other presence. This ensures that you have no awkward phase in your married life where you both are still unsure about the feelings of the other. You also get time to evaluate your own feelings and discover things about each other, this way there are no surprises after you get married.

You will cherish these memories forever; the time you spent with each other before you got married will be special in its own way. You will learn about each other likes and dislikes; interests and pet peeves. This time is also important to develop your own feeling towards each other. This courtship period can be solid foundation on which you can build your entire marriage.

If you want to change your mind

It isn’t guaranteed that you will like the person you discover during your time of courtship. But it is always better to find differences that you cannot compromise with before your marriage than after it. And such qualities you will find out only if you spend a significant amount of time together. If you realize that you both aren’t meant to be together then it is always better to call off the wedding at this stage itself. This way you both are saved from a marriage that wouldn’t work in the future and you also save both families a considerable amount of embarrassment.

Taking time to weigh your decision may not bode well with conservative families, especially if you decide to end a particular arrangement. Try explaining to your families that it is an important decision and that it is always better to know the other person better; before getting into a lifetime commitment.

You can always leave things at a better note in this stage; than a bitter end, if you realize it too late into your marriage. This courtship period allows you to make the most important decision of your life without being too hasty about it. You get to weigh your decision carefully before taking the plunge.

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