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Hindu Marriage

Yoni Porutham in Hindu Marriage

Marriage in the Hindu tradition involves a series of calculations based on various considerations. It is a scientific approach based on astrological science, one that has been predicted by sages and perfected over ages. There are ten different poruthams or kootas that need to be matched during the finalisation of any wedding proposition. The Hindu custom firmly believes that such matches need to be taken care of when bringing the lives of a boy and girl together. The poruthams are based on the nakshatras or birth stars of the boy and the girl. While poruthams and their matching does make good sense when parents look for brides for their sons and grooms for their daughters, it needs to be understood that individual poruthams form just one element of horoscope matching, and the entire horoscope has to be studied and matched for there to be a thorough analysis of the compatibility of the boy and the girl for a happy, prosperous and peaceful life.

Yoni Porutham in Hindu Marriage:
Each of the 10 poruthams stands for different aspects associated with finding the perfect match between the bride and the groom. In that sense, Yoni Porutham deals with the physical compatibility between the boy and the girl. Marriage is a journey that lasts a lifetime, and there are different aspects that go with a happy married life. The ability to be with each other amidst all the twists and turns of life is the ultimate test of compatibility between the husband and the wife. However, when you look at the individual aspects associated with married life, sexual relationship and physical intimacy plays an important part in the satisfaction that the couple derive from their lives. Yoni porutham deals with this physical aspect of married life, one that is the very foundation of relationship that leads to progeny and makes the humankind thrive on the face of this planet.

What is Yoni Porutham?
The need for physical intimacy in a wedded relationship is one of the fundamental building blocks of marriage. The ancient seers have found that such intimacy rests on certain factors that could be unearthed by studying the nakshatras or the birth stars of the bride and the groom. This would avert unpleasantness that could creep up due to incompatibility in terms of physical relationships, which could cause further problems and complications in married life.
So, how is Yoni Porutham matched? The basic idea is that the 27 nakshatras that form the bases of horoscope matching are grouped into sets or classifications based on the way they influence compatibility of physical relationships. Each of these nakshatras are represented by the symbol of an animal, and are further identified by the sexes of the animals. For example, some nakshatras may have a rat for their identification, while some may be represented by a cat.
The next question is, how do these animals fare in their real lives? While the animals may not matter in the real sense when it comes to prediction of horoscopes or matching of poruthams, it is the symbolism that assumes significance. A rat and a cat are not best friends by any stretch of imagination; so, there is no question of compatibility between the two. In this case, a comparison of horoscopes that represent the rat and the cat respectively could never lead to the best relationships in terms of physical intimacy. Let us look at the way yoni porutham decides the fate of physical relationship and intimacy between the bride and the groom.
• The Best Yoni Porutham: In the given example, the identification of physical compatibility becomes straight forward. This matching of Yoni Porutham gets deeper when the animals are further classified based on their own genders. To illustrate further, when the husband is represented by an animal’s male form and the wife is represented by an animal’s female form, irrespective of the exact animal represented by the two, the first level of matching is done. Further, if the relationship between the two animals is also friendly, this makes for one of the best matches between the bride and the groom, and their married relationship is said to be the best.
• A Good Yoni Porutham: If the husband and the wife share animals that are friendly with each other, but if their genders turn out to be the same, then, the relationship may not be the best. However, that is certainly good enough. The husband and wife sharing males representing them, or both having female animals representing them, is considered a reasonable case, provided the two animals are not enemies in their real lives.
• A Normal Yoni Porutham: It may not be the best or even good, but it is considered normal and workable, if the husband has a male animal and the wife has a female animal, and the relationship between the animals is neither friendly nor hostile – just neutral.
• An Average Yoni Porutham: The match between the husband and the wife degrades further to just an average grade, if the relationship between the animals are neutral, but their genders tend to be the same – either both male or both female.
• A Poor Yoni Porutham: The relationship becomes bad if the husband’s male animal and the wife’s female animal share an adverse relationship between themselves in their real lives. That may be hardly workable in the long term scenario and there is little scope for compatibility of physical intimacy in this case.
• A Bad Yoni Porutham: What could be the worst case scenario in sexual relationships? If the husband is represented by a female animal and the wife is represented by a male animal, and if the natural relationship between the two animals is that of enmity, you could expect havoc in their sexual lives and in terms of their physical compatibility.
The representation of the animals is a symbolic reference that is easy to understand and interpret from real world scenarios. The significance of Yoni Poruthams, however, goes beyond their symbolism. It is important to match the horoscopes of the bride and the groom based on their physical intimacy. To ignore such compatibility and overlook obvious adversity may not be the best recipe for success in marriage. If the match is made with due consideration to Yoni Porutham, there would not be any problem in physical intimacy and the sexual lives of the partners would be satisfying. Naturally, this lays the foundation for a happy married life.

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