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A thread with so much culture!

From the first day of the wedding to the sending off of the bride, the important and tearful moment is considered only when the Groom ties the Mangalyam (yellow thread with the traditional gold ornament). This Mangalyam is otherwise known as Mangalsutra which actually marks the importance of Hindu Marriages.

Now what is the real importance of this Mangalyam?

This Mangalyam comes in a yellow thread that is painted completely with the paste of Turmeric and the thread is tied with three knots around the neck of the bride. While the groom ties the first knot, the other two knots will be tied by the groom’s sister, in a few south Indian weddings. This Mangalyam stands for Lord Brahma who can both be a destroyer and creator. When a woman wears the Mangalyam, it says that she has entered the wifehood and when it is removed, it symbolizes that pushed her to the widowhood. Mangalyam means auspicious and wearing a Mangalyam says that the woman is fulfilled, happy which in turn makes her auspicious. This Mangalyam represents a range of emotions including trust, faith, love, and Friendship and much more that lasts for the entire life. This Mangalyam as well brings in two families together and makes them as one.

To describe the marital status of a woman in Hindu Culture, there are five signs: toe ring famously known as ‘Metti’, nose ring known as ‘mookuthi’, bangles, kumkum and the most important one is the Mangalyam. The gold ornament in Mangalyam comes in two pieces which are produced by each family according to their tradition. Every Mangalaym comes are arranged from different areas and regions.
Hindu marriages are not just the bonding between two hearts but the bonding towards unspeakable understanding, commitments, love between two individuals and a spiritual growth. The important a Hindu Wedding hold is that, it is something beyond family gathering and celebration. It is a dedication, sacrifice and surrender of love done by both Bride and the Groom. Every inch of rituals followed in the Hindu Marriages shows the real essence of marriage and the need for marriage and certainly Mangalyam represents one such meaning in the marriage.

For every married woman, Mangalyam is a guardian, something that is extremely precious and she values her Mangalyam like she values her husband himself. According to the Hindu Tradition, women tend to spread kumkum in their Mangalyam offered by the elders and in temples. They value their Mangalyam so much that, they perform the traditional ‘Sumangali Pooja’ for the respect they have for their husbands and the faith. For every woman ‘Deerga Sumangali Bhava’ means so much as they are not only odd pronouncement but they strongly mean that one’s Mangalyam must survive, that is one must live a long and happy married life with their husbands.

For years in the Hindu Marriages, it is very much evident that a marriage can never be complete or rather happen without tying the Mangalyam. Mangalyam has always been the ideal symbol of a wedding, representing several meanings and bringing a lot of emotions. While the beauty of Mangalyam is splendid, the joy a lady will attain while wearing it can only be defined by heavens.

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